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Goodbye Sky!!

Time to say goodbye. Paesi che non ho mai (to countries I never) veduto e vissuto con te, (saw and shared with you) adesso si li vivr, (now, yes, I shall experience them) Con te partir (I’ll go with you) su navi per mari (on ships across the sea) che, io lo so, (which, I […]

Tazo’s SkyPics Gallery

I think we were supposed to ‘claim’ this golem-like monster…but another LS is fighting it. It wouldn’t be sky, without the RMTarutarus. My brother-tarutaru Balmoral the summenor. Cutaru! The bird, the turtle, the tiger… I can’t find any other pictures! Shunzi and her funny green pants. I have them too, but in paper-curse form.

the Psychology behind MMORPGs

When I first started this game three months ago at the prompting, encouragement, and nagging of Maiev – I really had two purposes. To relax and spend the summer not working not studying (4yrs of a med-sci degree + all summers doing research or working = long deserved break). To find out what the draw […]

Tazo’s banner in more simpler words…

Someone has asked me wtf o.O does my banner mean. So without writing a couple thousand word essay on the topic (which I could if you’re interested XD), this is what I’m trying to say: Women even into the new millenium are seen as the weaker sex. I understand that there have been changes, and […]

…..thoroughly demoralized

Reality check time for Connie & Tazo who spent 12+ hours on CoP 2.5. Mission still not done. 0/7. What is this game doing to me? Why am I crying over a GAME? I never cried over being head-shotted millions of times in CounterStrike, or when I tried for hours trying to beat 8-feet Butterfly […]