Tazo’s SkyPics Gallery

Tazo with Sha'ir Manteel, Sky Fenrir Taru
Tazo Exping at Sky, Fenrir Taru

I think we were supposed to ‘claim’ this golem-like monster…but another LS is fighting it.

Tazo Taru with RMT of Fenrir

It wouldn’t be sky, without the RMTarutarus.

Tazo taru with Balmoral Taru, Fenrir

My brother-tarutaru Balmoral the summenor. Cutaru!

Tazo Taru with Sky Gods Seiryu, Fenrir

The bird, the turtle, the tiger… I can’t find any other pictures!

Tazo with Shunzi, Fenrir Taru

Shunzi and her funny green pants. I have them too, but in paper-curse form.

Tazo Taru with Winterr, Fenrir

Here’s Winterr the manthra and me ON TIME for sky. Needless to say we were the only ones there and people didn’t show up till 1.5 hours LATEr. :) *note to self; show up fashionably late*

Tazo Taru with Destroyplanets, Fenrir
Tazo Taru with Eeto, Yuisuisum, Fenrir

Tazo well behaved beside Eeto when Yusuisum’s watching.

Tazo Taru with Eeto, Sohjai and Yuisuisum, Muffie, Cemic, Fenrir

Tazo gives Eeto a good slap when Yusuisum’s back is turned. /laugh

Tazo Taru with Sibe and Shunzi, Fenrir

Mr.Sibe in all his orange-green clothing glory. It looks alright in game, but in real life if you wore green and orange you’d look like Michealangelo from the Ninja Turtles…. hmmm I think Sibe IS a ninja.

Tazo Taru with Soulcaibur and Ashmanaiel, Fenrir

Mr.Soulcalibur and I are modeling this seasons coordinate sets in a lovely lilac to plum shade.

Tazo on Chocobo and Sunset, FFXI Taru Fenrir

Riding to the sunset away from Tu’Lia.

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  1. Sibe says:

    hhaahaha I love it. Nice pics!


  2. Sum says:

    Ahh, Sorry we ended sky so short for you :(
    I really did want to cont. to help people get gear but you know why I can’t continue anymore :(


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