Tazo’s banner in more simpler words…

Someone has asked me wtf o.O does my banner mean. So without writing a couple thousand word essay on the topic (which I could if you’re interested XD), this is what I’m trying to say:

Women even into the new millenium are seen as the weaker sex. I understand that there have been changes, and that changes are still happening, BUT, we as women can fast-forward change. We must believe in ourselves and our sex. We have a choice TO BE strong.


Just a quick note, please do not judge me from that statement. I am not trying to belittle men, but to empower women. My belief of feminism is about empowerment.

For those literature-loving folk out there (lol, who reads this blog other than CC&Maiev?): My quotation is a combination of two very powerful statements from 2 different Shakespearean plays. Name the two plays, and the two characters that spoke them. First person gets a prize. ^____^

*Edit Oct19, 1am*

Connie was high on something when she made the banner that made her mix up all the Shakespeare plays she’s ever studied. :( I’m sorry Mrs. Blasko, I failed you – and to think you gave me an English award. ;  ; I’ll think of another question to ask later, when I’m fueled by Tazo. This Q&A now closed. kthx.

6 Responses to “Tazo’s banner in more simpler words…”

  1. Maiev says:

    whatz the prize, so I know my brain power is spent on something worthwhile!

  2. hamlet, hamlet, hamlet and hamlet. you may hand over the iPod nano now.

  3. Tazo says:

    Men do not read instructions – AT ALL! Two quotations make up the banner, from TWO different plays, from TWO different characters. /sigh. Prize is an item from the food category in game that can be found in real life. If you don’t live immediately around me, then I’ll mail it to you :)

  4. you are sure they are different people and different plays? the internet may think you’re lying:



  5. Tazo says:

    @_@ I’m sorry. I look stupid now. Muhahahaha. I was thinking of another quote from Macbeth in my head. Lol, I love how I say I don’t belittle men. But you used the internet!!! I mean I WAS JUST TESTING TO SEE IF THAT WAS YOUR FINAL ANSWER. >.>

  6. i am winner! prize (|Yes, please.|)


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