Goodbye Sky!!

Tazo, FFXI Taru, Goodbye Sky, Fenrir

Time to say goodbye.
Paesi che non ho mai (to countries I never)
veduto e vissuto con te, (saw and shared with you)
adesso si li vivr, (now, yes, I shall experience them)
Con te partir (I’ll go with you)
su navi per mari (on ships across the sea)
che, io lo so, (which, I know)
no, no, non esistono pi. (no, no, exist no longer.)
It’s time to say goodbye.

7 Responses to “Goodbye Sky!!”

  1. Maiev says:

    sounds like you are goin quit game >.>
    time for annoying See o Pee’s!

  2. Jowah says:

    omg i tought you were going to quit e_e
    Andrea bocelli wow :x This is quite a good song, even if it’s not my genre

  3. Jowah says:

    WP’ smiley are making fun of me. ignore the angry face XD

  4. Tazo says:

    ^^ I’m not quitting! I can’t! Until I upgrade playing skills from nooblet to average-jane, I will keep playing. Knowledge skills in FF … I’m just hopeless. Don’t ask me what I’m “camping” or “fighting” or “doing”. I won’t know. Please don’t get mad at me if I am not impressed with your “Godly Gear”. I rate items on appearances. (e.g. my lovely Coven Hat + Lady’s Yukata, and the sexy bard Sha’ir Set)

  5. Jowah says:

    SHA’IR t_t
    *goes emo* GimMMmMeEEe thHhAAaTTt

  6. Nephtis says:

    D: You never respond on AIM, loser. :)

  7. Tazo says:

    Err… I never received any messages @_@ at all. lol, send me your contact info via playonline mail. I’m a winner! We’re ALL winners!


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