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The Blizz Way of Patching the April 09 FFXI!

The April 09 FFXI Update Sad Prishe and mad Mandy! Lets start with the FFXI Rant/2c! There isn’t much to say… especially how there’s a whole disappointment thread on BG (Not every post is negative, but quite a lot). I did wait it out a bit and see review.. but guess after reading those reviews… […]

Squeenix Token – What you wanna know.

Their New Account System Field of Flowers by Priestessofpie (Account Secure is :D) Their new so call “Square-Enix” account is pretty awesome. It’s pretty much identity that enough to get you into the game, but not enough to make changes to accounts. To do your old stuff such as registering codes/world transfer etc, you still […]

Duckies’ LS Promotional Video

Spare Time =) DuckHUNT Linkshell of Fenrir – Promotional Video! Instead of playing WoW, FFXI or anything else, I’ve decided to use my spare time to do something productive – make a linkshell promotional video. Well the Mai on Fenrir is actually unsubscribed/not paid for so I just only had old materials to make something […]

Fools Revealed & Lots More…

Happie April Fools (Check SS’s chat log LOL! Female Hunter)! Hello April Fools Well.. I’d like to say I’m sorry if I went overboard! It’s definitely one that is hard to see if it’s real or not. Knowing everyone who reads this blog knows a little or something about me…. I had to make this […]

Fooling with “Your Soul”

Love is War by Teh Kako (The picture reminds me of the pain :x) Mai had a blast on Fenrir server, filled with excitement, achievement and laughter. Mai even made some really good e-friends that turned into rl-friends. But we all know all good things gotta come to an end, and for Tazo and Mai, […]