Duckies’ LS Promotional Video

Spare Time =)

DuckHUNT Linkshell of Fenrir – Promotional Video!

Instead of playing WoW, FFXI or anything else, I’ve decided to use my spare time to do something productive – make a linkshell promotional video. Well the Mai on Fenrir is actually unsubscribed/not paid for so I just only had old materials to make something out of.

I was going to reveal it as one complete product when the LS website is done but… cheaters subscribed to my channel and happened to saw it =_=; so wasn’t really a surprise anymore. So on my right is my LS promotional video. I still love Ducks above everything else =) I’d still make the LS better / look after them!

I also had some time to learn about Adobe Aftereffects CS4 =) so I kinda used that for the title. It wasn’t that bad of a software :D the rest was made with Adobe Premiere 6.0 (1999 Antique Software)! Yea damn… my Premiere CS4 wouldn’t launch and my last usage was pretty hard… I like simple stuff/tools.

Pardon my dust/horrible edit skills. No fancy transition or stuff :3 was maybe.. 1hr work? :D


  • Video starts off with some drawn art, art that was printed on our T-Shirt for LS Vacation/Trip in 2008
  • 0:20 Jailers, what we do best!
  • 0:31 Failed/Drown ducks as usual, what defines as idiots in general =)
  • 0:40 Wedding! We had so many… countless :) celebrated with the LS
  • 0:49 Some offtime fun with LS, not always as an army :)
  • 0:52 PvP as an LS. We don’t just farm gears :)
  • 1:02 Our 2006 Kirin Zerg =)
  • 1:12 Killing Limbo Fafnir with 3 people.
  • 1:14 Idiot ducks dying to Ultima’s Nuclear Strike (maybe 2nd try)
  • 1:16 STOP STOP STOP STOP NUKING! (Inside Joke)
  • 1:21 Zerging Omega, what we do worst.
  • 1:25 A BETTER Ultima!! When people stun Disspation!
  • 1:30 DEAD PEOPLE: Istari, Maiev, Sibe, Santokie, Calignous, Smac, Aene, Bubian, Hellknight, Shunzi, Angreal, Muffie, Sohjai, Ciermel, Elysia, Yuukino, Sakurakun, Tazo (PvP), LOTS MORE IN THE END!!!!!! (like 4 LS lawl)

This is what defines us as a linkshell. The DuckHUNT of Fenrir =) Dead Ducks Delivered Daily! Come join the fun :D

For other Maiev’s Video production, you can find them either on my Video section of this blog or Maiev’s YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoyed it =)

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  1. Regriumm says:

    Hay majeev. Long time no see and if you got spare time to make videos, perhaps you need a better hardcore guild. Come join ours! Good music sync to videos too :) keep it up man and see you in wow.


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