Squeenix Token – What you wanna know.

Their New Account System

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Field of Flowers by Priestessofpie (Account Secure is :D)

Their new so call “Square-Enix” account is pretty awesome. It’s pretty much identity that enough to get you into the game, but not enough to make changes to accounts. To do your old stuff such as registering codes/world transfer etc, you still need your POL ID and Password.

However, to just play the game, you will now only need to enter your Square-Enix account and PW (and Clicker, if you bought one). Even if you DO NOT PLAN TO GET A CLICKER, it is STILL good to register for a Square-Enix acocunt. That way you can have 2 separate password (preferably 2 different PW). You will need to enter your Squeenix Account ID and pass to play, but you wouldn’t need your POL ID or PW to play, only to make changes to your account, which further enhances your security for account information changes. (Assuming, you do not save POL PW for the member changes.

Also, Squeenix account supports alpha-numeric characters. So you can start adding all those ?!#@(@&(%&# into your password :)

Linking Those Accounts

  1. Goto Squeenix and get an account http://account.square-enix.com/regist/. (Check URL, this is the last time you’d ever have to enter your POLID, don’t get robbed in the end.)
  2. Follow the on-screen stuff to get your account activated and email associated with it.
  3. With that done, login to your Squeenix Account through http://account.square-enix.com/.
  4. Associate your POL Account to your Squeenix Account. It’d ask you a few questions =) Enter your POL ID and Password with extreme caution.
  5. Done, and now you will now login to your FFXI account with your Squeenix Account. No more you’d enter your POL account Login and Pass!!

Everytime you login to the server, you will send them from your PC:

  • The Autosaved POL ID and PW, encrypted of course so they can’t just steal your POL files.
  • The Saved Squeenix Login ID, but manually typed in Squeenix PW.
  • The randomly generated clicker.


  • 2boxers like me, don’t link all the accounts to one Squeenix, especially they are your friends’ account and they plan to come back. Squeenix account forced you to auto save all POL passwords. You will still be able to keep individual account security since you still need the autosaved POL ID and PW, but you and your friends will have to share the Squeenix account info. Still better than before. So far I haven’t got kicked from sharing a Squeenix account.
  • You cannot unlinked Squeenix Accounts / POL ID. Don’t fuck up!

What did all that do?

Square Enix Token, How to Configure

Square-Enix Token terminology on their Website!

Basically, your POL account is linked to a Squeenix account. This keeps your POL ID and PW less frequently typed, or in fact… never required again unless you are dealing with payment information. More secure :D

Well how about err.. the clicker/token.

When you received your token/clicker, you will need to INFORM Squeenix that you got it via registering/configuring your token/clicker. They know all the Serial number of the token that they issued, as well as the algorithm that is used to generate your one-time-password.

By doing the above, you’ve only:
Linked your account to Squeenix (Squeenix <--> POL ID)

Now you got to:
Link your Token to Squeenix so it’s (Token <--> Squeenix <--> POL ID)

For graphical brain, use the image to the right. =)

You will need to Login again. http://account.square-enix.com/. (CHECK URL)

Security Expansion, Square Enix Token

Security Expansion / Configuring your Token!

Upon logging in, look for “Security Expansion”, highlighted on the right of my SS.

Click a few Next boxes, accept agreement.

Now you’d have to rip open your packaging, look at the back of your Clicker and find the ID. This is what Squeenix uses to match a clicker to their pre-configured private key.

They will also ask for you to click once. This is to ensure that the Token ID that you type got a Private Key on their server, and with that Private Key, they will generate a Public Key themselves, match it with yours and ensure that your clicker is associated with the right account.

Click Next. By submitting the Clicker ID, you are now enforcing ALL your Squeenix account to use a Token. The POL selection “Use One Time Password” is simply POL’s own error checking mechanism to prompt you to enter a One Time Password should you forget before you click connect. You cannot disable the use of One Time Password via POL’s Login screen (else it kinda defeats the whole purpose XD).

You will now need to press this damn button and generate a one-time-password everytime you want to login. No, you can’t have 2 clicker (1 for work, 1 at home). So make sure it’s around. I was a little annoyed at first with my Blizzard one, but yea, keychain is the best.. and you’ll get used to it.

I have a Blizzard Authenticator.

I tried, wouldn’t work. I entered my Blizzard Clicker ID, and Squeenix said my clicker does not have a private key associated with my clicker. Sorry ^^ (I tried my Real-Estate clicker, and my airport security database clicker too!) I’m glad though, so all those companies aren’t sharing one gigantic same-style private key to generate all these one-time passwords.

So forget about downloading the Blizzard iPhone version. It wouldn’t work =)

Oh, I tried buying two too, it wouldn’t work. Not at this time :D. You got to buy 2 separate clicker on 2 separate accounts. Hell even same CC wouldn’t work. I had to use another CC via updating my account payment information to buy 2. (and yes, I might not play, but I don’t want it to lose it either xD)

Windower / Other Concerns.

  • I don’t think Windower will affect Squeenix Account or vice Versa… they aren’t even related. I’d think it’s more than safe to use Windower (as always). The implementation of this is more of a server-side thing and the Token, and all POL Viewer added was just a field for you to type numbers that gets sent to their server for comparison. So POL really.. haven’t really changed.
  • If you plan to sell your account =) Just keep it simple and leave it POL Style.
  • Even with numerous account that I can play/2box, I still encourage them to all get clicker. Think about it.. its not that hard to Text them for a clicker number. They arrive pretty fast. Secondly, why aren’t you letting someone box your character if you don’t know their numbers. Yes, a little inconvenience, but I’d take the inconvenience over less than shitty security.
  • If you plan to 2box. Sign up for a SEPARATE Squeenix Account (still better than none) and share THAT instead. Yes, only thing is you’d got to find another email address.

PS: There are people who want the 80 bag space, but don’t want the clicker. Cool for people who loves to 2box or share accounts. But still register a separate account with Squeenix. It’s more secure that way since you aren’t typing your POL password.

I think a lot of us would feel relief that their account is 10000% more secure than before. Logging from random Hot Spots now feel a lot safer than before, and hopefully… allows more people to use those LS Com features. (They have SS posting now :D if you guys didn’t know). I opened up the post with a happy taru playing with friends again artwork, because that’s exactly how I feel with this Token.

Also, for once… SE did something BETTER than Blizzard. Keeping 2 accounts, 2 Login ID and Passwords. This will be way more secure than Blizzard’s current battle.net system since there’s 2 level of security now ;) /clap clap for once.

As always, proceed with typing all password with extreme caution. I would only assume the gilsellers will be trying to clone a website within these 2 weeks (while the Token is being delivered), and try to fool people into clicking the “real” website. This is your one last time to type in your POL to make it sure (and also their one last chance to jack your account), so don’t messed that up and check ALL URL that you visit and check it’s https and got a freaking lock on your browser. Btw, with a clicker, recovering account that’s got a clicker on is much more difficult :) At least for Blizzard accounts.

Keep a copy of your Clicker ID. In the case of Blizzard, it was an account recovery question (part of their procedure) should you lose that little device. Having that handy will save you a ton of hassle for those people that loses things easily :) Cheers to a more relaxed gaming without having to worry about accounts anymore :)

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