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Moogle Shoes & Curse Network

Moogle Shoes! Damn…. I’m sleeping with my Kraken Club every night. I thought about it, if someone comes in trying to rob me, Ima wack that Club right into his head. I’d make it occasionally swing 8-8 times. I just love the Kclub prop. While I’m still in love with Mai RL Kclub, I also […]

DA Commission / Points Condition

Will develop

Verify Visa – How to get it workin!

Hay, time to verify! Stupid enough, the link provided within PlayOnline was not where you really activate it, but where you can LEARN MORE about it…. if you are not US citizen. So if you’re Canadian (like me), or Hong Kongese, or whatever, you need to goto your respective BANK and FIND their Verify by […]

LBR Ep 45- Lets PT, now with Tuufless!

Really Hacked? First thing first, I thought it was a joke from LBR :o was some brain teaser :D I looked and didn’t had the brain power at that point to solve it, but seems like from their latest episode it was really… hacked x_x. Orz spooky. I still think it’s a good prank =P […]

Play Piano in FFXI? (Version Update)

A Piano in XI?! ROFL XD Mai Favorite part of the Update Ninja Edit: Im not the only nerd, there’s a thread on BG already on BELLS LOL (Factor in 1.2 delay). Playing piano. I guess since I fail in the RL Piano, I should give the one in E-Life a try XD If people […]