Verify Visa – How to get it workin!

Hay, time to verify!

Stupid enough, the link provided within PlayOnline was not where you really activate it, but where you can LEARN MORE about it…. if you are not US citizen.

So if you’re Canadian (like me), or Hong Kongese, or whatever, you need to goto your respective BANK and FIND their Verify by Visa service.

Verify by Visa is a service that needs to be subscribed BY YOUR BANK in order to have that enabled on your card. So you don’t goto that stupid to verify your Canadian Visa card, but goto the Canadian BANK to verify it. If your bank doesn’t have it, suckie duckie.


If you are Hong Kongese and uses Hang Seng, you get Verified by Visa here.

If you are Canadian and have a TD Visa like me, you go here.

If you don’t know where to go, GOOGLE it with Google Suggest and you would most likely find it. YES, please VERIFY THE URL.

You might get phone calls! Anyway, hope that helps.

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