LBR Ep 45- Lets PT, now with Tuufless!

Limit Break Radio EP45, Lets Party!

Really Hacked?

First thing first, I thought it was a joke from LBR :o was some brain teaser :D I looked and didn’t had the brain power at that point to solve it, but seems like from their latest episode it was really… hacked x_x. Orz spooky. I still think it’s a good prank =P if it really was some kind of inside-joke XD

the StarOnion, Maiev

Tuufless probably testing some Exp Camps! (Aerns for Exp? XD)

Listening a fellow Blogger Tuufless on LBR Ep45.

This episode was worth noting :) and that’s cause Tuufless, a fellow blogger and also the owner of Campsitarus was on LBR today XD. It’s always something kewl to me to be able to associate something to the person behind the keyboard/character. I can tell he was a little nervous XD

If you didn’t already know, Campsitarus is a blog dedicated into giving fellow adventurers direction of where to exp whichever level you’re at. Cool part is, Tuufless tested all those camps so… pretty damn reliable!

They brought up something pretty classic, having DISPEL. I remember going farming crawlers, a stack sells for 10k, 7 stacks, and I went to buy Dispel for 70k. Without dispel, no party :D (around Lv35+ when you exp with crawlers). Oh, this was in 2004 :D

34:14 true strike, ToAU took over all camps. I miss old camps :( cuz Chain exp consumed us :O it’s a brainless grind.

Beetle, Garlaige Citadel Exping, FFXI

Back in 2004, Exping with Beetles!

Old School Camps

An hour into LBR, they start discussing old school camps, some details that even I forgot was like Ro’Maeve and you have to say “Moon: O” :O

One challenging place I exp was with Pelican (the ducks) at Kuftal Tunnel, like the one that you have to go down a steep ramp behind the rock (E). Petrify was such a pain in the ass back then, but it also allows us to really take it serious.

Another one of my favorite is fighting Torama within Labyrinth of Onzozo. You just had to be quick with your Paralyna, Silena and stuff, and that’s where I got into my 1st HNMLS, partying with the LS leader. We’ll cover it a bit more later.

It seems like SE made the game a little bit easier, by (like LBR already said), made mobs squishier with literally no defense, so melees can cut into them easier, than relying on Magic Burst to do near-pure damage onto the mobs.

I miss Ullikummi camp too, IT++++ aura statue mobs that requires a non-crappy tank, good DD that knows what they are doing and can hit, can make WS, as well as magic burst.

The NA community also wanted to take Exp a little bit more casual, and the episode had it bang on, that people look at exp returns as everything. 40k/hr > 10k/hr. I myself, can’t resist a 40k/hr because.. exp = merits = stronger = e-peen. With a competitive gameplay environment of FFXI, can’t really blame people just killing ez mobs.

Windower and tparty also promoted TP burning, perhaps what I think, a big contributor to TP burn. Able to see people’s TP and not WS with other people (like 10% HP and not have 2 ppl WS, which ends up overkill), made it rather more competitive. (and it’s probably something they can’t chat on LBR XD).

Anyway, I enjoy this episode a lot, and I think you will too, especially for old-school players who really exp back in the days. (Shame on Classicred, haven’t heard a single episode, I expect a summary about this EP45 in comment!)

Here’s the direct streaming of LBR EP 45 – Lets Party! Please enjoy =)

Fanfest 09

Thanks to LBR reminder, it’s getting closer, I wonder when they will announce it because… I’ve got a few friends who wanna go, so we definitely need to have a Fenrir gathering on the server table! I know PriestessOfPie is like… so eager to go she’s already saving money for it!

ZOMG /excited

I have to say… with FF14 around, this might be the last one, so I wanna go :O

Little FFXIAH Update

As FFXIAH gets really high traffic and … with that also comes reaching bottleneck when… codes aren’t efficient so “big” Scragg been working on optimizing that spaghetti code, hopefully he’ll roll out some fun features soon :D cuz I’m excited not only to test but use it XD!

3 Responses to “LBR Ep 45- Lets PT, now with Tuufless!”

  1. Etain says:

    I always loved Torama camp leveling up- as both a BRD and WHM. Mostly because if your healer or support was good, then the silence and paralyze was little issue. :3 Plus, epic Ose fights were always fun!

  2. Volkai says:

    On your comments about FanFest 09… I doubt this year’s will be the last, I strongly doubt it… if anything they will get bigger after this year, I think. After all, it’s a pre-built platform for an FFXIV convention.

    FanFest ’10? FFXI + FFXIV fans unite!

  3. Maiev says:

    Well almost end of Sept :( still no dice on the Fanfest :( Cuz I personally would like to go too, but I want it to be planned/given enough notice so I can catch those cheap tickets!

    I want it to be @ Chiciago :D! Common, middle of everything! It’d be nice if they placed it with Distant Worlds concert :D that’d be good marketing :D


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