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Windower Plugin: Cancel

Shit… clicked off Utsusemi =.=” Our favorite program – Windower, introduce a new plugin: Cancel. It rocks ^^ Basically, you can now make a macro to cancel a specific buff. No more selecting the Utsusemi icon and click cancel, now you can just make a macro call //cancel 66 and pressing that to cancel Utsusemi! […]

Light Luggage & Salvage!

Oh boy! I’m more excited about Windower 3.3 than the recent broken FFXI patch! Cuzzzz there’s amazing plugins inside! Although Mog-Link wasn’t in there (probably stopped), but there’s other exciting plugins! Light Luggage Plugin by Taj Ever hated passing cells in Salvage? Windower 3.3 included a plugin call “LightLuggage” (short name LL, by Taj, the […]

Einherjar Rocked!

So we did In-her-jar tonight. Rocked :) Last one was close too! We did Rossweisse Chamber! We got hounds and birds today! Rape the hounds, the random-pop NM and pull the boss. This boss took roughly 12 minutes. We had our KC dark as usual and the HP didn’t even dent lol! He did use […]

Addon: Windower’s Draw Distance

Draw Distance (Windower Plugin) Your ship-ride looks this nice? I see that damn thing pretty nicely ‘.’ cuz I use the DrawDistance plugin. Here’s a few more screenies! ZiTah can be this nice ‘.’

Guesswho LS Website, Liquido making a Return!

Gratz to JowahTalu for her 1st Lv75! Ding Ding Ding! Long lost friend – Liquido! Its back around 2004, but me/Liquido began earlier, I think we were both um.. in DFA crew (We are talking about newbie days here, and DFA stands for, Don’t Fuck Around Crew ^^)… ever since he moved to Hades, we […]