Addon: Windower’s Draw Distance

Draw Distance (Windower Plugin)

Your ship-ride looks this nice?

Draw Distance, Ship to Whitegate, Improve FFXI Graphics, 3rd Party Windower Plugin

I see that damn thing pretty nicely ‘.’ cuz I use the DrawDistance plugin. Here’s a few more screenies! ZiTah can be this nice ‘.’

ZiTah with Draw Distance Plugin, FFXI Windower

and I can see pretty far… the castle!

Castle Vazhl, FFXI with Windower

So how do you use it? First visit the DrawDistance link I have above! Please scan for virus. I don’t want anyone to hunt me or the author if anything happens to your account. After that, load that plugin by

  • Launch Console “~”
  • Type “load drawdistance”, without the “” and press enter.
  • After it loads, launch console again by typing “~”
  • Type “.drawdistance setmap 10” and press enter.

Ding! You can now see far away. To cancel the drawing (because it does take processing power), you can either setting it back to FFXI default by .drawdistance setmap 2 or changing the “distance rendered” field in FFXI. Pretty graphics is just that easy :) Well not amazingly pretty but, rendering more is pretty nice imo.

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