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Oh Noe… Glimpse back to Fenrir!

I was checking LS bank and look what I’ve got! He’s FUBAR lol… don’t know how he can get away with openly admit he buys gil xD! So I guess our Fenrir’s celebrity transferred to another server, completes it and is coming back. He’s like stirring a storm already with some of the Duckies… IMO […]

lol Behe Hide & Mog Bonanza Stats

Behemoth Hide So mathematically, with 60461 Winners of Rank 4 (I’m one of it), assuming 50% will take hides, you’ll still see 30231 hides. 32 Servers… so at least 944 hides per server, that’s still assuming 50% pick hides. Okay lol… maybe 100k is the safer way to go, at least I didn’t lose gil […]

Writing deteriorates… when you play FFXI!

I found this article on my way to work, thought its something interesting to share. Use of emoticons increasingly with teens: study It’s nothing to LOL about: despite best efforts to keep school writing assignments formal, two-thirds of teens admit in a survey that emoticons and other informal styles have crept in. The Pew Internet […]

{Treasure Coffer} {Found It!}

Mai Coffer via Fedex, by Courtney (Yuukino in FFXI) The Treasure Coffer So how do you usually get yours? Most of the time you’d goto FFXIClopedia, look up where to get keys, farm the keys… then go find the coffer :D Apparently mines come differently :o Mines… was shipped to me via Fedex :D You’d […]

Sweetie Etain!

Love from Etain! Love from Etain I’m not sure if Falc wanna see this haha but Etain, who is on Fenrir server, sent me a post card while she was on her honeymoon with Falc :) oh noe! I’m Etain’s secret lover xD Etain (Fenrir) is the Bardlet that writes A Bardlet’s Tale. Etain and […]