Sweetie Etain!

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Love from Etain!

Love from Etain

I’m not sure if Falc wanna see this haha but Etain, who is on Fenrir server, sent me a post card while she was on her honeymoon with Falc :) oh noe! I’m Etain’s secret lover xD

Etain (Fenrir) is the Bardlet that writes A Bardlet’s Tale.

Etain and I dates back to pretty long ago… but didn’t really talk until err.. we started blogging… then talked more while in Salvage… and eventually we fell in love (eg. Kissing) in the game!

Okay well not the loving part but… yea :) Its nice to know FFXI friends aren’t just virtual people.. but actually can be rather real :)

Actually, Bubian met Sibe this weekend and Sibe like treated Bub a 200bux meal… nice to see people are meeting irl due to FFXI :). Need to plan a LS field trip soon! heehee

Thanks Etain :) You’re such a sweetie xD! Now.. can you marry me instead? :)

4 Responses to “Sweetie Etain!”

  1. ClassicRed says:

    >:3 LS Trips are wtfwin :o!! I planed a rafting trip for Tek 2 years ago and we had a blast! Planing a skiing trip for Feb of 2009 now >:3!!! DO EEET >:3 They are SO much fun!

  2. Calaera says:

    o.o; Is that what I see it is?! NEKKID TARU!

  3. Maiev says:

    :O! yea haha, nekked taru!
    I hope falc don’t come after me :D

  4. Aramina says:

    I got 4 of my LS friends in about a 5 mile radius out on the west coast, so I may be taking a trip out there to visit sometime after i get back from Iraqistan


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