lol Behe Hide & Mog Bonanza Stats

Behemoth Hide

So mathematically, with 60461 Winners of Rank 4 (I’m one of it), assuming 50% will take hides, you’ll still see 30231 hides. 32 Servers… so at least 944 hides per server, that’s still assuming 50% pick hides.

Okay lol… maybe 100k is the safer way to go, at least I didn’t lose gil from playing this xD 900 hides is like 1 year of good luck Behemoth.. nope.. maybe 2… haha! I’d like to see the FFXIAH tomorrow :O!

Fenrir’s Behe Hide!

PS2 Players

Quoting from Allakhazam:

For all ps2 users, if u buy the marbles thru moogle random system…

You wont won above rank 5 items..
because SE has programmed the random system for ps2 to generate only
these 2 patterns;


Where E = Even, O = Odd.

The pattern of winning number is

rank 1: 47396 EOOOE
rank 2: 1017 OEOO
rank 3: 379 OOO
rank 4: 44 EE


the StarOnion Brigade, Maiev

Mog Bonanza Stats

Thanks to Scragg for the joke ;)

I actually collected statistics. Althuogh I did not collect like 1000 values (only 200 plus or minus a few that I felt lazy to write etc lol…) to have a reasonably sample size to test how “random” the mog bonanza was, but all my numbers were generated through the random system, all 1-100. I would have a paper, everytime I generate the last 2 digit that I don’t have, I cross it off, and I also record what was generated. So I would have saw that if I was on PS2 since… I would be never able to random stuff like 22 24 (EE) or 11, 13 (OO).

Nevertheless, I collected just for fun since if they really ended up having a 10-face dice and random that way, then whatever you pick have an equal chance of winning, so doesn’t matter how you pick your numbers. Besides, this is a lottery so one should never expect to win anything. Its like Casino / Real Lottery, although it is a good topic to chat about ;)

PS: More D3 Stuff! Gameplay/FAQ

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  1. Jowah says:

    I honestly picked each single number myself.
    Had to be sure to have different number end in each char, with different last 2 as well.
    Had only 4 character for marbles, so couldnt do many combinations
    Lost hauty for 1 digit :<


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