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Damn Torques! It finally dropped

Linkshell Fun A Temperance Torque for Sakurakun! I think the last 7 days of FFXI was one of the best ones. Simple because… I saw very happy ducks! Seeing others getting stuff is probably what makes me feel happy.. that the LS is happy! A Hope Torque for Bubian Believe it or not, we’ve been […]

Bubsie wins Hope Torque… title by CC ^^

wow…guess what ugly # 12321321432 dropped?!?!? (pic of ulgy) YESSSS, believe it or not…it’s another torque!!! bubian got the lot!! he spent all his points on this item =P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we’ve been killing this nm as long as i’ve been in DH and i have never seen this torque drop! @_@…. this jailer is a pain […]

Ballista for LS leader is… bad news… (Video)

DuckHUNT Ballista Like the title says… scheduling a PvP is fun, but not too fun as the LS leader ^^ everyone on Earth wanna kill you to get “Killshot” Screenshot T_T I’m pretty sure everyone had the screenshot of “Maiev was defeated by -fill in duckies here-” but lol, its all for the fun! This […]

dead taru maiev =(

�sooooooooooooooooo…. guess who i let down in salvage {sob sob} =D

DuckHUNT 3ds Linkshell Picture =)

I fail to get everyone to come on and take a real one… so I faked one out!! Mai Ducks! Every linkshell have their way of doing things, and so does ducks ^^ Unlike linkshells which are formed for the sole purpose of doing something or achieving something, ducks were formed from two separate social […]