Bubsie wins Hope Torque… title by CC ^^

wow…guess what ugly # 12321321432 dropped?!?!?

(pic of ulgy)

YESSSS, believe it or not…it’s another torque!!! bubian got the lot!! he spent all his points on this item =P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we’ve been killing this nm as long as i’ve been in DH and i have never seen this torque drop! @_@…. this jailer is a pain to kill and it has always been dispointing to see only the bird cage staff drop =P

I guess Inoa got the winning kill!! weird thing is that she isnt in DH!!! I guess bubian is paying Inoa the 1m gil =P

here’s a pic of bubian…no he’s not a ugly fugly galka =P…more maybe he is behind that helmet..who know??!?!

if anyone could tell me what that range bow weapon is, u can get a ginger cookie from me =D!!!

anyway, i’ve been writing a lot of these blogs. cc is still alive!!! see…………………..!!!

uh {/sigh} cc looks so nice in whm afv2 body =(
….that’s another sad story from dynamis that’ll blog about =(

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