Ballista for LS leader is… bad news… (Video)

DuckHUNT Ballista

Like the title says… scheduling a PvP is fun, but not too fun as the LS leader ^^ everyone on Earth wanna kill you to get “Killshot” Screenshot T_T

I’m pretty sure everyone had the screenshot of “Maiev was defeated by -fill in duckies here-” but lol, its all for the fun! This PvP event is awhile ago, but maybe its time for another one ^^ Being face smash isn’t fun, but smashing other ducks is pretty fun xD.

I like the end part, Tazo is probably still damn confused of how I can just keep chasing her even after numerous Lullaby’s! hehe!

2 Responses to “Ballista for LS leader is… bad news… (Video)”

  1. Sakurakun says:

    ‘_’ i got killed by maiev =(

    whm/nin {/sigh}

  2. Kivu says:

    Everyone want to kill leader/sacks u.u i know what is that :D

    Nice blog!


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