Damn Torques! It finally dropped

Linkshell Fun

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A Temperance Torque for Sakurakun!

I think the last 7 days of FFXI was one of the best ones. Simple because… I saw very happy ducks! Seeing others getting stuff is probably what makes me feel happy.. that the LS is happy!

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A Hope Torque for Bubian

Believe it or not, we’ve been farming in and out of Sea for Torques… and since March (when Istari left T_T), we haven’t gotten a single damn torque. After 8 months, I finally see it dropping, not one but TWO!

If you notice on both of these screenshots, first reaction is OMG in a split second, the reason is… really, we are so USED to seeing nothing dropping, getting Torques been really… motivating people again.

Vent was CRAZY… its like… beating Dynamis Lord kinda crazy.. well not that, but you hear a LOUD YES!!!!, and a lot of OMG’s! I guess a lot of people were happy seeing one of the loyal members finally get the item they want from this linkshell.

Bubian paid 65 points (roughly 195 hours of farming equivalent) for that Torque… it was that rare.. and worth that much to him. Two people was willing to pay that price.. it was crazy… and yea… our ls uses bid system for some of the rare-est item in-game ‘.’ so no emo after :O

So not only we got 2 torques.. we got
2 BLM Capes and a RDM Cape (Didg, Celphish and Lucious)
2 Nashira pieces and 2 Homan Pieces! (Sakura, Ravynne, SohJai, Sibe)

Not only we got good drops, but we had one exciting Limbo.

Oh btw, Sakurakun in my LS, now writes in the TaluTurks about LS achievements ^^ Takes some load off blogging hehehe ^^ You can find her blog at staronion.com/sakurakun

Speaking of BLM capes… we popped with 1 HQ organ.. first session 2/3 dropped, last night 0/2, but I was thinking.. maybe by not trading in 3 HQ Aern organs.. you lower the rate of dropping the deed, thus increasing the chance of dropping a cape. Well afterall, even if we trade in 3 HQ organs, cape “can” still drop, so the probability of cape should be “random” first, independent of the “deed” drop rating… maybe not making sense.. nor can I prove with 5 sample size.. but lets pop a few more and see

Temenos Fun

So we were doing Temenos West the other day, we had like shit luck on chest… 5 minutes but 1 floor left, so I was like.. well lets farm a bit more coins…

But instead, I was like… okay… lets just sleepga blizzaga sleepga.. and we ended up wining that Limbo with 1sec remaining LOL. So yea… it was one amazing run, we were at the edge of loosing but won ^^

Its hard to describe those excitement, but lets just say, I had a lot of fun… its been awhile I had fun and excitement.

Other Fun

  • Meh… haven’t heard me talking about Salvage.. cuz I haven’t really made any progress xD Luck out there…
  • Speaking of funny stuff, one day an LS member was watching Porn but accidentally had their Vent on xD, it was pretty hilarious and we were all O.O at the sounds lol…
  • Speaking of the LS site secret, the real secret was… 1/8 people would see a naked taru! But when they show their friends, 7/8 chances that they won’t see it, so they think their friends are perverted and seeing things ^^!
  • Jowah is drawing a MaiTalu atm, kinda looks like a MANaru atm, but I can’t show anything until its done T_T
  • Been watching “Avatar, the last Airbender”, its a kid’s anime, dumb, but funny ^^ my style xD
  • I was trying to create a char on Ragnarok call “Maiev” but was taken… wow there’s more Maiev than I thought on FFXI. I was doing it for preparatory recording of Jowah’s stuff… now I can’t ^^

OMG this post is boring… even I have to admit it… maybe getting tired, loosing creativity xD.. I guess put it under.. Asides!

4 Responses to “Damn Torques! It finally dropped”

  1. Jowah says:

    Die, you wont have the pic :(

  2. Sakurakun says:

    yay ^_^ … late post lol

  3. Didgist says:

    You’re welcome.

    Will solo Ix’mnk for H.Q. Aern Organs.

    EDIT: Speaking of funny stuff, one day an LS member was watching Porn but accidentally had their Vent on xD, it was pretty hilarious and we were all O.O at the sounds lol…

    LOL I’m always afraid i’m gonna do this.

    ohshi…was it me?!?!?! @@;;;


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