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Wish I get Paid to run Linkshells…

Mai linkshell’s point system But I don’t :/ not even a single gil! The sad part is, when the linkshell is done with events, everyone just d2 out and type /shutdown … no more worries.. but for me… its time that I double click my excel sheet and start putting 1’s beside who went to […]

The game hates me…

So yea.. out of all the days that Lagsave can farm Macha Cuffs… we decide to go do charity runs for other people (its Mai term, to describe the situation where I’m there purely to help out and got nothing to get at all)… then on days which I am physically not able to connect […]

Einherjar Tier 2!!

All 3 key item for Tier 1! YESS!!! Beat up Grim chamber and got our yay yay key item :) YES!! We had 27 (and again, I don’t know how lol…..) showed up and beat this one. We got bombs =_=; it was horrible but we managed to pulled it off with literally 1minute to […]

Einherjar & King Abjuration!

Time for The Abjurationzz The N.Abjuration: Legs went to Ash! Gratz. I’d never really see this happening. Honestly when I quit HNMLS, I’d never expect to see any kind of abjurations ever again (well except sky ones). But today not only I saw HNM Abj, I saw a King Abjuuration O.o For a HNMLS, it’d […]

Dead ducks falling in Love.

Ducks’ 3rd Jailer of Love The JoL Experience At first we had um… 2 WHM RDM BRD 2 TANK, and blm army was… 3 BL,M 1 BRD 1 RDM… rest are random… we held JoL nicely but BLM cannot nuke down the sharks… so we wipe simply because lack of BLM power. We had 16 […]