Einherjar Tier 2!!

Einherjar Key Item, DuckHUNT, Fenrir, Maiev

All 3 key item for Tier 1!

YESS!!! Beat up Grim chamber and got our yay yay key item :)

YES!! We had 27 (and again, I don’t know how lol…..) showed up and beat this one. We got bombs =_=; it was horrible but we managed to pulled it off with literally 1minute to spare :x! Nothing dropped though :((

I was pretty amazed at the #’s that showed up… I mean we are pretty casual linkshell but I guess everyone just stepped hard on their gas pedal just to get home from work and do Einherjar. We even had a few missing people (including Tazo) :(

I know someone called in sick =P Rather its for Einherjar or not, I dunno xD

But yay to ducks! Going to probably redo Tier 1 chamber again to re-key everyone then advance to Tier 2!

Mai <3 Ducks!

6 Responses to “Einherjar Tier 2!!”

  1. Etain says:

    Grats! I’d kill to do Einherjar, but don’t know any LSes that do only Ein and nothing else in a time frame that works for me. :( Looks like such fun (I have 1 feather… lol)!

    First Lieutenant? Need to assault moar and rank up already, talu! :D

  2. Jackalman says:

    I didn’t even think Mai had FL assault rank yet. ^^

    When are your official Einherjar times? Would I be allowed to join you if it fits in my schedule?

  3. Sakurakun says:

    woot @_@!! i thought we were gonna lose after we wiped. those bombs are easy to kill except when they -gaIII us. but we always manage to win at the last minute! good job kniting the bombs around! maybe rdm/thf would be nice to use to kniting too?

  4. Maiev says:

    Haha sure :) Feel free to join us. It doesn’t hurt to have more bodies, nor it hurts our Einherjar points (constant 500 for Tier 1).

    We run Monday @ 9pm EST and
    Thursday: ~ 10:30pm EST

  5. Maiev says:

    Regarding FL =P I think the screenshot just so happens to caught that key item too.

    FL Wildcat Badge (2nd key item in SS) hehehe, got it yesterday roughly 36hrs ago xD

  6. didgist says:

    . . .

    fucking unban me already


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