Einherjar & King Abjuration!

Time for The Abjurationzz

N. Abjuration, Einherjar, Maiev, Fenrir

The N.Abjuration: Legs went to Ash! Gratz.

I’d never really see this happening. Honestly when I quit HNMLS, I’d never expect to see any kind of abjurations ever again (well except sky ones). But today not only I saw HNM Abj, I saw a King Abjuuration O.o

For a HNMLS, it’d be something really casual, probably even thrown em out since everyone already have a spare paper in their moghouse but for a linkshell like Mai ducks… its really epic. A linkshell that was formed from 2 social linkshell and king abjurations? :o

How it all started!

At first, I wasn’t really interested with Einherjar, since the previous tries we had kinda turned out pretty bad. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t get it down fast enough (and our Eq isn’t shit too), until Istari walks around and shown me more info and say hay, its doable now!

Istari, Maiev, Fenrir, FFXI, DuckHUNT

Istari is back, helping with Einherjar!

Istari was kinda the person that put together all this ‘.’* pretty crazy taru huh! I was just simply transferring messages ‘~”

Doing a little bit a research, we found out its actually not bad, gave it a try by convincing like everyone in LS to try make it to this event (like literally, beg them to drop RL stuff lol). We have a small LS so :( its difficult unless everyone shows up. Anyway, we got quite a few number so we went and try it! With everyone in their A-game and we managed to pull it off.

So that makes 2/3 chamber cleared – for first tiers ‘.’ as a casual LS. So I have to say, its really nice how Jar is now doable with linkshell like ducks, giving more opportunity to access king abjurations in a controlled drama-less environment (provided also, that your loot sorting system works). Mai whole damn linkshell is now looking forward to more Jar =P hopefully going to have more ducks equipped with abjuration-grade equipment!! I just hope we don’t turn into some HNMLS afterall lol :) when ducks start running around with those equipment lol!

Regardless, I have to thank Hanna/Istari for doing all this ;) & also Mai ducks for putting their game face on and make Einherjar possible ^^;

Less QQ more Pew Pew ftw!

2 Responses to “Einherjar & King Abjuration!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Question is: How many total people do you have for Ein?
    Doing my 2nd Odin soon, can say i’ve some Ein experience, lol.

  2. Maiev says:

    We had roughly 25 (5 parties). I don’t even know how we got 25 people rofl.

    Yes, I’ll be emailing you tons of email about it ^^; no worries!


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