Wish I get Paid to run Linkshells…

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Mai linkshell’s point system

But I don’t :/ not even a single gil! The sad part is, when the linkshell is done with events, everyone just d2 out and type /shutdown … no more worries.. but for me… its time that I double click my excel sheet and start putting 1’s beside who went to event etc.

Unlike really hardcore linkshells… ducks is rather casual so… a point system is needed to keep track who gives in more effort than others~ the rarest item that we can obtain doesn’t even have a price tag, but a proxy bidding system :3 Long story short, you pay the points you think its worth :) with your hard-earn hours :)

Anyway… the reason I mention it is… I just spent 2hrs catching up 1week worth of attendance updating :3 So tiring yet it must be done and… its only a video game :< The duck spreadsheet has recorded 200 events with around 50-60 people... cash split, KS99 order.... 75abc withdrawal... just about everything all under this one spreadsheet... its crazy big but... its my philosophy: Open, Fair and Transparent to everyone. For those curious folks... here's the uber spreadsheet.

So how does your “casual” LS system work? Does it simply use priority? How does it tackle ninjars? Loot Whores? :)

3 Responses to “Wish I get Paid to run Linkshells…”

  1. Sakurakun says:

    awww =(. u really do a lot of work for DuckHUNT. but you’re a great leader =)

  2. OmAn says:

    Our Ls tend to lock down/freeze top 3 ppl’s pts that had place a bid, and next auction for that item will start from previous highest pts. This help to prevent ppl screwing around and members normally have enough pts to bid on 1 item only.

    Ppl should be please that they have got a really nice ldr that take care of everything for them(for free lol), is almost impossible to find a decent Ls during my play time . . .(Tw T )

  3. Maiev says:

    I don’t take care of everything xD haha, I’d /cut wrist if I were 100% leader duty xD
    No way I’m fulltime! Well now I’ve got some nice assistant ^_^


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