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The Guild Season 2 =( Ended.

Codex/Felicia Day preparing for Filming Watch the Guild. The Guild – Season 2 EP12 Finale!! The ending of this season (S2 EP12) was extremely good… I mean EPIC!. For those that STILL haven’t watched it, I urge you T_T to go watch it. It is REALLY good. Here’s a link to the cast for those […]

WoW: Valentine Commercial & LM17 Discussion

Dabari’s Venture Co. Commercial Dabari’s Venture Co. HAHA made me laugh :D. For those that don’t play WoW, Gems are Jewels you “Socket” into weapon, to give it some extra strength like +2STR to your weapon. Mechanically in game, you cannot remove it, and they are using that in the commercial. Watch the Guild I […]

Moviewatch – The Bells of Northrend

The Bells of Northrend – Uploaded by Kamuraki to Awesome Christmas Video – WoW! Christmas Moviewatch Its probably IMO the best vid made in mankind :O! This video presents most of the landscape in the latest WoW Expansion – Wrath of Lich King :O! I especially like the crystalline forest :) I’m very impressed […]

FFXI Art Contest / Update.

Art Contest for Feb 08 by Nadou The Dec08 Patch / Fenrir News Blows Mai mind away. Its so awesome!!! Well awesome if you are SCH or DNC, but if not then well… lol. I don’t want to comment further but its a big bummer when people have time to play during Christmas and they […]

What Emoticons in FF Means?

Emoticons in Vid Game decoded What Emoticons means to you! This is so true :O! I talk like this >.> more or less… For those that don’t play FF, they are trying to tell a story with Emoticons (decoding it!) O}-<