Rocked out Bugbear! (Lv75)

Ran in normally prepared. Rocked this guy out… & here’s the video of course :)

A few things I know from this fight.

  • He hits hard, nearly 300 per hit, not as bad as Fenrir…
  • He had a ton more HP than Fenrir
  • Sleepable
  • Gravity and Bind start resisting later…

So to fight this, I’ve decided to space out Gravity and Bind, pick a good day to go in because I’d be nuking a lot, place DoT on it because I need all the damage to beat this guy under 30 minutes…

The geography of this battlefield isn’t that bad, a bit skinny in the end to turn but its doable, so save your bind for those places. Other then that, nuke hard. As you might see, I Chainspell pretty early. I was planning to squeeze 3 convert within 30 minutes (I do have 5 Convert Timer, so if I use the 1st 2 quickly, I can squeeze a 3rd one in. Although it wasn’t needed, but it was insurance for me. Regardless ‘.’ beating some PvE mobs is meh… PvP still a bit more interesting.

Btw: AF1 Hat is 4% haste (the Fast Cast), Turban still better, tested it xD (for recast timer of course =P)

That is so Ghey, Ohh that WS was so Ghey!

That's so Gay, Maiev FFXI Taru of Fenrir

Don’t you think this word kind of lost its meanings too? We say it so often that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. You wouldn’t say oh that’s so Lesbian because the word still got its meanings.

Gaming world makes word looses its meaning. We use the F word so much, that its nothing than just a word that emphasize something. Eg. Oh Man! vs Oh Fuck!

I’ll admit, I use it too but thinking deeply, there might be people not only get offended by it, but it also makes you look like a bunch of kids who don’t know manners or have no education at all. I mean… its not like you are lack in vocabulary! Secondly, even if they are gay, why does it matter to you? Its their business not yours.

We should adjust ourselves and not calling everything we don’t like “Gay”. Afterall, the word “wrong” or “sucks” is other alternative that gives the same end-result. Also, don’t you think the word suck is more powerful than “Ghey”? the “udk” sound makes it all powerful in expressing something. Don’t you agree?

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  1. jtaru says:



    omg BEST song evarz, that entire genre of music just so awesome!

    but I absolutely love all of Hybrid’s stuff…

    (i’m talking about the music used in your video!)

  2. Maiev says:

    lol ;) I like their whole series too xD

  3. that’s some neat rdm solo action (‘-‘*) I wonder if I’d need your awesome gear in order to pull off something like that in the future…


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