Soloed Khimaira 13, Salvage and Kirin!

Khimaira 13 / Genbu

Yup, nuffin to do so I put together my Khimaira 13 vids along with some fun a few of us had with Genbu ^^; We don’t bring an army to sky ‘-‘ So here it is ^^;

The Khimaira 13 (ToAU mission fight) was rather easy. No preparation required. I just /nin and went kill that thingie. The only challenging part was that the Taru start spamming Tier 1 spell to break bind, and she spam it for a good 1-2 minutes. Until it stops spamming tier1, you have no option but to keep Gravity on and kite Khimaira until he goes non emo.

Regarding Genbu ^^; Bought a pop long ago to get Istari’s some A hands! And we did, although Istari prove his worthlessness by dying 5sec when the fight starts ^^; Anyhow…

duckies Accomplishment

Kimble, SohMui, Sohjai, ToAU Mission, Cus, Ciermel, Istari, Maiev FFXI of Fenrir Server

Um… killed 2 kirin just this Tuesday, dropped dbody(2), d.ingot(1), o.ingot(1), osode(1), shining cloth(1). Not too shibby imo :)

Did the black coffin :), added Kimble to Duckies and Exping on Ciermel as WHM with Kraken Club out tp-ing Weeber’s dark! Yes that’s right, WHM with no acc gear out-tp a lolDrk!

Ciermel, Maiev, DuckHUNT, Salvage, Hellknight, Mad Bomber, Bhaflau Remnants, FFXI Fenrir Server

Just a few more screenshot from Salvage last week! To my surprise we saw Mad Bomber, although it didn’t really do crap.

MaiTalu’s Adventuring!

Resin, Istari, Ciermel, Maiev, Roc BCNM, 2min Clear, FFXI Fenrir Server

duh! BCNM! something that I never really did back then! its an ok drop, but shit’s easy… too easy that I solo em! I mean lookie @ record! I hold a lot of records soloing stuff ^_^

Humblejoe’s Signature / Tetris Documentary

I kinda like this sig of Humblejoe ^^; I kinda like the color contrast :O goin go make one. I haven’t touched 3ds for awhile :x don’t even know if it works on Vista :<

Humblejoe,s Signature, FFXI of Fenrir ServerHumblejoe,s Signature, FFXI of Fenrir Server

Anyhow, I’ve came across this amazing Tetris Documentary :0 If you feel like watching. Its amazing, hence I embed it instead of having you clicking on a link!Interesting stuff from MaiTalu:

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10 Responses to “Soloed Khimaira 13, Salvage and Kirin!”

  1. Weeber says:

    “Ciermel as WHM with Kraken Club out tp-ing Weeber’s dark!”

    I will fight you to the death taru!

  2. Aeyze says:

    Maiev soro me a Genbu D; Aeyze wants Martial Abj: Hands!

    xD I wish I could see the video’s from school ; ; School filter blocks them all automatically XD

  3. Etain says:

    Genbu… me too! Me too!

    Kabuto… (._.;)

    Seriously though, you make me want to go finish my RDM and see what I can do with it. XD

  4. Mikedee says:

    You stole my Kimble :'(

    I’m not sold on Vista, yet. As much as I want a new pc, my current one is fine. I’ll go get a Xbox360 before builindg a new pc (w/ lasers on it). I’d rather someone figure out how to get FFXI to work on Linux ;3

  5. Istari says:

    Oh you bish… you totally MPKed me there, I was not being worthless ~.~

  6. Maiev says:

    LOL hi peeps :)

    mmkay Aeyze, get a pop and we’ll bring some worthless people to have fun! *grin*, but I didn’t solo Genbu, I can’t tolorate fights that’s more than 30min. I am a normal person and needs to pee every hour :<, having bottles wouldn't be very convenient either :( Istari: Fight in Apron < Gilseller in shit gear = worthless :)

  7. Jowah says:

    I’ll send Mich to rape some random SE employers and force them to transfer all DUCKS on Ragnarok.
    WEEE NEED YOOooOOoOUUUuuU >__________________< (And Istari♥)

  8. jtaru says:

    I’ve wanted a Genbu’s Kabuto and Genbu’s Shield for so long!
    Never did get one but I did get Seiryu’s Kote! LoL :)

  9. Eltharion says:

    Hi! I know this is very OT but I’m really in a pinch.
    I’ve installed yesterday Windows Vista but when I’ve installed FFXI the POL Viewer gave me an ominous message like “this probram cannot run on this present operative system”. I was really WTF, S-E said that could be some compatibility problems and so said the Vista Compatibilty Test but not a problem like this…
    But I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m a friend of Jowah, she said that you actually play FFXi on Vista and I saw some screenshot here too but I couldn’t find any instructions.
    Can you help me? A link to the instructions is fine too.
    I hope I don’t have to go back to XP until S-E releases some official patch or something… :/

  10. Maiev says:

    Reply to Eltharion:

    This should give you the instruction of how to install FFXI on Windows Vista. Its not exactly an install, but a work around.

    Link here. (I find this one working)

    Another guide that just basically copies the folder over, and registering respective components

    Link here.

    Thanks for dropping by, and say hi for Jowy for me :)!


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