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FFXI to RL – Tazo’s Bday, Daggy’s Poster!

Lawl, tazo & connie’s bday :) this girl’s getting older!! and zomg soon goin teach little kids English and Math :O! Connie’s been a really great friend to me :o. Life would have been significantly differentt if she wasn’t around. I’d probably be already dead from starvation if she didn’t feed me during HNM camps […]

O.o RL Stalkers…?!

RL Stalkers? I was always a gadget freak back when I was in high-school. Always had top-end palms, computer systems, graphics… or even most expensive presents for girls XD! Was also probably the first to own a digital camera… So I used this website call to upload pictures. I upload all kinds of stuff […]

ToAU Mission, ENM’s, and FFXI to RL

ToAU Mission, ENM’s, and FFXI to RL

Oops… >.> Revealed my contents… ya, I tried to think and plan contents before each post, I usually have them typed up 1-2 days before the day of post but apparently yeserday, I went to a Christmas Party and my friend Cus’ internet blew up, so I was unable to upload my final post, revealing […]

Why do I rdm/pld in meritpo!

This entry is YouTube heavy :x so you RSS reader gotta click into my blog this time :) Some fun with Fafnir Limbo Yep :) bored, Trio Limbo Fafnir with Istari, Weeber and I. Bard is so not useless in that fight because we killed it with a truckload of mp remaining. Anyway, a vid […]

Jowah’s Cross-server love!

PS: Sorry, blog engine went a bit Emo on some stuff >