O.o RL Stalkers…?!

LovelyDagger, DaggyInk Quick Sketch

RL Stalkers?

I was always a gadget freak back when I was in high-school. Always had top-end palms, computer systems, graphics… or even most expensive presents for girls XD! Was also probably the first to own a digital camera…

So I used this website call pbase.com/jeffo328 to upload pictures. I upload all kinds of stuff I like, such as pictures of friends, family, girlfriends, pretty girls… and my favorite wallpapers. 2 years ago, thought I’d never update it again, I kinda stop paying for webspace… apparently… I don’t know what kind of pictures were interesting inside… when I check yesterday…

These pages have been viewed a total of 482159 times. (over the course of 4 years).. so that’s 100k views per year… wtf? I’m equally confused as everybody..

Thought I had enough stalkers on FFXI ah already, now there’s real life ones lol :x

Windows Vista

Yea, just needed some anti-ff days :x Time to fix up PC’s, upgrades, and just catch up on TV shows, hence I haven’t been really getting on, when I’m suppose to be camping the DragonAery for some nice abjurations XD

Anyway, been tuning my PC… testing out RTM Windows Vista, got a hacked up version working on my laptop :)


Just a mini updates. I got to finish installing all my web tools, Skype, Ventrilo kinda crap until I can constantly post again :) Desktop just isn’t as convenient in getting things done comparing to laptops.. dunno why.

Anyhow, thanks for those that drop me messages in-game about my blog :) I’ll be back to entertainment mode soon ^^;

Blog Updates

Thought I’d let everyone know :) Another taru started blogging again. Fenrir server too :) Azaru the taru! Go check him out :)

Also, updated the Play Symphony with the YouTube vids, the actual stuff I saw that night! (Apparently someone recorded it)

And finally, updated RDM Tier2 Merits analysis, together with Avesta’s analysis. Updated like a month ago, just never remember to post it. His merits… so merited for soloing purposes. I’d always be a team-player rdm :o Sucks but gotta get real ^^

Another friend of mine started blogging too. I’ll link him to the portal when its ready to be showcased :)

4 Responses to “O.o RL Stalkers…?!”

  1. Azaru says:

    Thanks for the shout.

    Great website ^^

  2. Jowah says:

    Does Vista work fine with FFXI ? Have you tried it ?
    Since I’m going to buy a new pc soon, I need to choose an OS for my new system. If Mai says it’s good, Jowah will buy u.u
    (Need to pick one wisely coz I’ve decided to get a full-licensed copy u_u)

  3. Maiev says:

    How to install FFXI on Vista

    Moving your installation to another PC:

    <3 Jowah :) and Hi Azaru ^^

  4. Strawberrie says:

    Mmmm… Vista… *foams at the mouth a little* I’m still debating on it, so be sure to let the rest of us know how it is.


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