FFXI to RL – Tazo’s Bday, Daggy’s Poster!

Lawl, tazo & connie’s bday :) this girl’s getting older!! and zomg soon goin teach little kids English and Math :O!

Connie’s been a really great friend to me :o. Life would have been significantly differentt if she wasn’t around. I’d probably be already dead from starvation if she didn’t feed me during HNM camps =P. I would probably be stuck in the virtual game world.. like hardcore, if she didn’t show me around Toronto.. that it could be a fun place. I broke her car too, well her car broke on the way to pick me up so… :/

There’s a lot more to say, but being such an important friend to me, therefore I give it some thought to try make this a memorable Birthday for her :o Connie isn’t stupid, so doing stuff around her back is pretty difficult.

Tazo, Sohjai, Cusi, Maiev IRL, Tazo's Birthday Dinner at the 360 CN Tower Restaurant

We went to.. yea, the 360 restaurant all the way up @ CN Tower. Knowing Connie enjoys fine dining and not many is opened on Sunday night, that was pretty much the only cool option :) *shh, I was just trying to goto CN tower myself, her bday dinner was just a side dish*. We had a great time, at least I hope she did. They treat girls better up there, 2 washroom for the ladies but one for the men :< Like the waiter said, when ladies goto the washroom, they have a party in there! So no wonder we need more washroom for the ladies!
Took some pictures, recorded some video :) But not yet chopped, maybe I’d share it someday! Her bday presents was…

Daggy's Poster in my Room, LovelyDagger, Diane Modena, DaggyInk, FFXI Fan Art Drawing

A closer look! Amazingly drawn ^^

Daggy, LovelyDagger, Diane Modena, DaggyInk, FFXI Fan Art Drawing

Thanks Daggy again for producing such lively drawing.

Happy Birthday to Tazo (the pixel taru) & Connie (the real life taru) ^^;

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