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Back from Orlando – LS Vacation!

One of my Email Headers DuckHUNT Vacation Our LS Vacation went very well. There was a total of 5+2 that went to Disney World (Would have been 5+3 if Jayashaya’s fail face didn’t suddenly call and say I can’t go…). It was a real blast. We went to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, […]

RL Linkshell Vacation

Ducks Vacation! DuckHUNT Vacation #1 Logging off Ventrilo is a little bit different than all the ones I did for the past 5 years. When I say “See you tomorrow!”, its actually not seeing them in-game pixelated character tomorrow, but in real life. The idea of LS Vacation isn’t new, but for most people.. its […]

Diablo 3 and Wall-E

Tick this box! View –> Preferenece Diablo 3! Pretty sure you heard it all over the Internet. No doubt that’s like the biggest impact! I’m both a SC (RTS) and Diablo 2 Fan, but I think I’ll enjoy Diablo 2 a little bit more. Anyway… If you haven’t already watched the gameplay and such… should […]

Tazo’s Birthday Present!

Tazo’s Birthday Presents! So this is what I made for Tazo’s Birthday ‘.’ a Taru calendar :3 How big? Its pretty big. 24″ x 36″. Here’s a picture with my laptop beside it. But just like the one in-game, she expects quite a lot and.. apparently this one wasn’t able to completely satisfy her. (from […]

HKIA MT Programme Written Exam

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