Diablo 3 and Wall-E

the StarOnion Brigade, Maiev

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Diablo 3!

Pretty sure you heard it all over the Internet. No doubt that’s like the biggest impact! I’m both a SC (RTS) and Diablo 2 Fan, but I think I’ll enjoy Diablo 2 a little bit more. Anyway…

If you haven’t already watched the gameplay and such… should go and watch. Its a pretty intense RPG. Roranora, Jayashaya and like my friend Caleb already discuss our game plan rofl… Hardcore mode and probably roles too. Although not totally released, but knowing our playstyle… we probably pick something which we are naturally good at…& Yea.. probably won’t invest into PC until these game finally release… don’t want some hardcore stuff but obsolute junk when the game comes out!

For those that’s downloading the trailer, if you didn’t already know, there’s an option to “speed up download” by “not throttling the movie trailer”.

You can find it under View –> Preferences.

This also applies to World of Warcraft patch downloading, or anything that uses the Blizzard Downloader (which is pretty much Bit Torrenting). Something that takes 30min to download will take 8hr if you don’t check that box. The whole idea is to let you surf and download by limiting the speed but for most of us, we just want to see that thing regardless so lol!

PS: Why can’t FFXI use something like this.. stupid consoles :x! BTing is the way to go for stuff like this!

the StarOnion Brigade, Maiev

WALL-E, Pixar & Disney

I watched Wall-E

Its amazing :o! I don’t want to talk about the storyline or ending but what it does pretty well is telling us the condition of our damn Earth planet. I like how the 2 robots … is kinda like one representating Mac and one is for PC LOL! Not too much Dialogue but its still VERY good! & also touching :D

Like always, Pixar movie rocks your face. Knowing a bit about 3d rendering, those are really detail renderings and had put a ton of time into each part of the movie :o. If you compare it to Ratatouille, I think I like the Rat storyline a bit more, just slightly a bit more but regardless, both movies made me sniffle ,_,!

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