Category : Quest/Mission

Parrying and Optical Hat!

An Optical hat in 4hrs for MaiTalu :) Everyone thought, for being an old player, I should have got it in my storage somewhere… {fact}, I do not have an Opptical hat T.T So I was approaching Lv70sam. To be honest I never thought I’d play a melee job so when everyone ask if I […]

Breaking that Dissector Latent!

Whoa? No posts?! (Sorry :( this is like combining 3 posts into 1) I haven’t quit yet too! & so is Strawberrie XD! Haven’t been posting for awhile due to um.. procrastination! Don’t know, sometimes without good stuff to write, I just don’t want to write :< but this time, I got too annoyed and […]

Soloed Khimaira 13, Salvage and Kirin!

Khimaira 13 / Genbu Yup, nuffin to do so I put together my Khimaira 13 vids along with some fun a few of us had with Genbu ^^; We don’t bring an army to sky ‘-‘ So here it is ^^; The Khimaira 13 (ToAU mission fight) was rather easy. No preparation required. I just […]

Etain’s Manteel and more Parrying Skillupz!

Etain and her Sha’ir Manteel I think that’s got to be pretty big news! Etain wanted a Manteel for the longest time! I guess her LS made her dream come true ^^ I woke up, Vryali wanted me to synth a Manteel, I randomly ask who it was for, he said it was for Etain. […]

Soboro Sukehiro =P

Yes zomg, this thing took…. 9 hours. 12 people needed it! But… I got outlotted 11 times :/ the only time I had 967, I got raped by a 998. All my other lot didn’t even net a total of 1000 (yes, I had a lot of 31, 50 lots). I’m so tired after spending […]