Etain’s Manteel and more Parrying Skillupz!

Etain and her Sha’ir Manteel

I think that’s got to be pretty big news! Etain wanted a Manteel for the longest time! I guess her LS made her dream come true ^^

I woke up, Vryali wanted me to synth a Manteel, I randomly ask who it was for, he said it was for Etain. Knowing she wanted it for the longest time, I even hop on their vent ^^ It was definately cool to hear Etain, she is very gigglish! Although I was expecting some big yelling, but guess that didn’t happen :(

Etain's Manteel, Brianne Topoleski, Maiev and Vryali Crafting her Manteel, FFXI Taru of Fenrir Server

I don’t know how much she liked it, but at least I did :) Tarus in Manteel is always lol ^^ just like Etain’s avatar! Sigggnnnn too :O Vryali paid like 80k to sign that too ‘-‘

MaiTalu’s Adventuring and Parrying

I’ve been doing a lot of boring stuff, such as watching sunset with Istari (yes again, Istari’s a guy irl LOL), killing my friend like Grimace is also fun! Crit to his face, Grimace drops to the ground, walk away! XD I’ve also been doing some nice parry skillup. Ding 200 a week ago :)

Ciermel, Istari, Maiev, Weeber, Parrying Skillup, Lovely Sunset in Vanadiel, FFXI Taru of Fenrir Server, Romance

/comedy gold! (blue colored! click for bigger! make sure to say hi to my moogle too!)

Some assaults too! Probably my 1st assault where all 6 members were real life friends :) Its some nice time! Giggles and laugh came out of dumb assaults like this hehe! I’ve also went to help them with missions too; Cus for entering HuXzoi Palace and Sohmui in all her staging point!

Eeto, Sohjai, Maiev, SohMui, Tazo, FFXI Taru of Fenrir Server, Alzahbi Besiege

duckHUNT’s Accomplishment

Not too much really :( a shibby love if that counts T.T

Dead Maiev, Jailer of Love, AlTaieu, Love Polearm

Salvage was also .. I’d say success. For the second duckies run (our 1st run was wiped :< due to some misunfortunate mistargeting that linked the whole room), we got to see da boss! With less ppl /emo out, I think it could be some fun stuff to do! Also ^^; doesn’t take an alliance to beat Salvage :O! 8 ppl with 2 that was 2boxing got up there, it was only a 6 man Salvage ^^; really!

Click for larger image! The robot is pretty kewh!

Long Bow Chariot, FFXI DuckHUNT of Fenrir, Salvage

Other Minor Things

I’ve been spending a lot of time writing some user-friendly guide in how to use Windower macros! idc, its 1337! Rukenshin (with relic bow and GKT) uses it too, so why the hell not for rdm’s, which got 100x more spell to cast! I bet he uses it just for the fast execution of macros, so he can solo light skillchains!

MaiTalu’s Windower Maco Guide!

I hope you find it helpful :O!

Also ^^; I’ve came across 3 other blogger on Fenrir! zomg its getting bigger and bigger! So drop by and say hi :)

Misadventure of Mikedee and Friends | Kim’s screenshot dump | Life of a Red Mage (Asura)

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12 Responses to “Etain’s Manteel and more Parrying Skillupz!”

  1. Jowah says:

    I SO ENVY Etain ;___; Now I’m the only one with no manteel T____T
    And you did not say about Jowah crossing the country to reach her beloved Mai to Jeuno ;_;!!

  2. Mikedee says:

    Needs more Kingkai :3

    Yah for Etain! Orz @ JOL D: Lol @ Vista :D

  3. Speck says:

    Omg that’s funny. I saw your comment on my blog and was like…hrmm? Maiev?? I love your blog and check it every now and then for updates. And you found mine just out of the blue. I actually created my blog because I saw yours and was like “wow, I want a blog too :( ” So I guess you were kind of my inspiration. Anyways, thanks for the comment and the referral to my blog on yours ^^ ttyl

  4. Etain says:

    I feel bad about the lack of screaming, but I was trying to pull for a meripo party at the time, and after I got it and was staring at it, I killed off half my party. XD

    I still can’t believe I’m wearing a manteel though. XD XD And I’m really glad Vry comandeered you to sign it!

    No HQ for my HQ bewbs though. :( Ah well. XD

  5. Maiev says:

    Reply to Jowah:
    :( Swap server, Etain said she would give yours to you! (lol)!

    Reply to Mikedee:
    for sure! I’ve been keeping up with the Kingkai drama! I love the ridill one haha, occasionally beats wife 2-3 times!

    Reply to Speckledomega:
    whoa?! I inspired joo?! XD thxthx! Blogging is fun, I thin it keeps my life in balance too, not so much into just the gaming aspect of it! but keep this in mind though, 99% of people just troll. They read it, and go away without leaving a footprint, so just don’t be discouraged!

    Reply to Etain:
    killed off half of your party! Sounds like a bard I need to pt someday!!! lol, gratz again but one question….


  6. Etain says:

    Yes, they are really my bewbs. ~_~;

    And I will party with you whenever I’m free- just poke me.

    Hell, if its a 6 taru party I can mpk all of us and you’ll have some great pics for a post! XD

  7. Mikedee says:

    These comments are making me hot at work!

    Ba_D P@KC_TS INnC_0M1-NG *WA1ZT

    Whoa! those where some bad packets :x Thank goodness my new The King toy from BK saved me!

  8. Maiev says:

    Reply to Etain:

    LOL zomg :) i have absolutely no idea that you would use your own bewbs as avatar! get me more cloth so I’ll HQ one to match up! XD!

  9. Mashu says:

    MAIEVTALU :OOOOO… I’m sorry about the drops from JoL :( How many DRKs did you sacrifice? :evil: Our drop rate on items goes exponentially higher with the more DRKs we sacrifice (including me /emoooo :()

    Well, in all seriousness, thanks a lot for the macro tutorial. I used have all my macros in game calling script files, a la //exec commands, but I’m slowly transforming to binds, much like you have it. ;) From a nin’s perspective, stuff like Tiamat (where I swap in -12- pieces of gear when he flies), is made so much easier. And I can’t imagine how much -more- awesome it is for mages where there’s even more swapping. :)

    p.s. TAIN.. I demand your boobs. NOW! :) Falcon’s busy baking (sorry, last time I’ll use this joke) :D

    p.p.s. Kingkai didn’t show up yesterday… or today.. I miss him :(

  10. Mikedee says:

    How can Kingkai be banned? :(

    He only uses PC and Windower for XP, HNM, Sea, Limbus, Sky, Sitting in MH, talking on LS, camping NM, and crafting! I MEAN COME ON!

  11. Maiev says:

    I love every single bit of that drama :) I have nothing against Cyndel but Kingkai.. lol! Anyway, I don’t want to be associated with it, but <3 reading it... and this image gotta be the winner

    Source: BlueGartrLS Forum


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