Soboro Sukehiro =P

Yes zomg, this thing took…. 9 hours. 12 people needed it! But…

I got outlotted 11 times :/ the only time I had 967, I got raped by a 998. All my other lot didn’t even net a total of 1000 (yes, I had a lot of 31, 50 lots).

I’m so tired after spending 9 hours getting blown up :x We started @ 12 and I was like.. I got 8 hours, 15 min repop, we have 24 pops.. at least! No way I can’t be out by 9pm EST for sea farm…. and I didn’t.. finished at 10pm EST so /emo.

Talked to Jowah on Ventrilo, Italian sure sound pretty funny and interesting :) She’s a bit shy though ‘-‘. Also making some vids :) Hopefully done soon ^^ btw :O If you have some nice music for videos (like bc-type). Feel free to suggest cuz… I’m running out of ideas, trying to see if FF12 OST have something good!

I notice this is a pretty shetty low-tech post so… I’ll update again soon :x!

6 Responses to “Soboro Sukehiro =P”

  1. Solar says:

    Mai! Heya buddy long time.

    I came across your website one day (I forget how) glad to see things are going good for you. I never knew you were in Toronto @_@….

    anyhow buddy. Take care,


  2. Sum says:

    Where are the Pictures of all the dead tarus?

    Can’t have an event without dead tarus, especially large tarus (ist and eeto).

  3. Maiev says:

    no dead tarus Sum :( and hihi Solar :) thx for dropping by XD!

  4. Etain says:

    So do you make the rounds on everyone’s Vent channels now? XD

  5. Maiev says:

    Yea Etain :) I’ll hop on sometime to hear you giggling :)!

  6. Jowah says:

    didn’t saw you wrote here about me talking with you on ventrilo ‘-‘
    stupid shyness
    But you have a sexy voice!


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