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Curse you back!! Halifirien!

Blog Entries… So I was going though my daily routine, E-mails, forums, blogs and I saw a title of a blog post… I’m like man… wut’d I do this time :'(, reading a bit more, its about a Chocobo call “StarOnion” pwning in Chocobo racing lol… You can read the lolOnion post here! Maiermel’s Adventuring […]

Skyport and Besiege!

It really does…. Questing in FFXI makes Taru babies cry because its so not rewarding (well most of the time). Some actually do all of them, I mean if you have the time to (do them all), the money probably adds up to a good 1mil but again, you can earn more from farming than […]

Galka Boots and Some Parrying Action!

I beat this one in.. 1993? 14 years after I play the game. Surprisingly, some of the puzzle was still up in my mind, meaning I still have a rough idea of how to solve it :O Anyhow, some “screenshot of my DS” with my DC :O Oh yea :o Rora was playing Zelda with […]

Sky is Bugged and RMT-ed

Like usual, but its always hard to believe something until I’ve seen it… and today I did… I felt like a gil seller when I was kiting and DoT-ing Despot to death… until claim was lost ._. This is like the new Ullikummi! How bad? Its bad… Gil seller is so lol in farming it, […]

Missions, Parrying and lots more!

Pics from Rank 8 for Ciermel Damn right! Sorry if I left you tarus in the dark =P I went on a vacation with my friend. I’ll make a post about it “mebbe”, but in a nutshell, I went to Niagara Falls for a few days just to chill and watch ice sheets fall […]