From FFXI Fan Art to RL Poster!

Daggy Poster #2

Yep, another Daggy’s artwork printed on poster :o!

Maiev's Room with Daggy's Poster, FFXI Fenrir, Desktop Setup

More exercise for my eyeballs now! So I don’t just stare @ the LCD screen! I know… its already on the wallpaper, but seeing it in BIG SIZE is pretty nice too ‘.’ That poster is actually 36″ in width and 24″ in height, just seem smaller since its kind of far away.

Edit: Damn right, the McDonald Coke makes it all better in that picture!

This is my other one =P from December!

Maiev's Room with Daggy's Poster, FFXI Fenrir, Desktop Setup, Laptop Too!

{Sweets}! Anyway…

FFXI Updates!

Updated the video sections ‘.’ to include all my latest “random” recordings. Took awhile :) Btw, Tarus in Haubys are cute :)

Taru Samurai, Whitegate of Fenrir, Maiev, Sakurakun, Optical Hat and Haubergeon

Item whoring, I’ve got some Yigit Turban, Yigit Body… got em since I had so much points lying around doing absolutely nothing.


I’ve heard some ducks telling me that their party member keeps saying “You can’t make good chains unless you have a Ridill”. That’s not really needed, but the idea is, you don’t really need anything epic to create chains.

Look.. a Lv72 is in our party and we are chaining it well…

Chaining 160+, Lv72, FFXI Maiev of Fenrir, DuckHUNT with Sibe and Soulcalibur

None of these people have HNM gear, we even have a 72 ^^; Our chain didn’t really broke till Chain 162, someone had to leave for some Birthday Parties so yea…

But… shit party does happen… like this one :/

Owning the Parser as AH Taru Samurai with Polearm, Maiev of Fenrir, DuckHUNT FFXI

Just the first few fights :/ I already know it wouldn’t be cool >.> Samurai pull hate with a Polearm

Merits into Polearm for Taru Samurai, Maiev of Fenrir FFXI

Speaking of Polearm, I did 8 upgrades on Polearm Merits, bringing the Samurai’s Polearm skill to 256 (240 + 16). Own in like 95% of the party, except probably.. Sohjai’s Samurai…. that one’s kinda hard to outparse.

I did Polearm merit simply because

  1. I know my Samurai won’t ever be called for events.
  2. Samurai is for Fun, Fun = Exp, Exp = Polearm so Polearm = Fun
  3. Something different

But to all those Samurai out there, you should do GKT ^^; or Archery (for nice PvP Sidewinder).


(Mission Related) Currently trying to get caught up with missions before the expansion pack ends. I especially like one of the cut scenes where one of the robot is like… captured. Poor robot, getting tossed like trash.

Poor kiddies! Speaking of Cut-Scenes, I haven’t ever seen any of them in WoW. If you’re playing for the storyline (Like if you’re those people that actually reads the story, and likes these stuff), then WoW isn’t really for you =P

I’m also helping for the n-th time, CoP missiosn omfg =.=; Well its for Cloudstah… he’s a pretty dedicated member so I’ve decided to get him through, need a bit more of a push though. Regardless… we did the Bomb BC again, this time i’m SAMURAI / RANGER OMG! Weapon skill Spam is definately fun, better than Chainspell!

WoW Update

That’s it folks, promise an update soon, I can kinda control my WoW temptations to blog these days ^_^;

Btw, World of Warcraft just announced its “next” expansion. The Burning Crusade (WoW’s 1st expansion), just came out 6 months ago and another expansion? Holy smoke I’m not even on it yet… Square-Enix = Too Slow, Blizzard = Too Fast… and below is the Trailer. It really blows the FFXI Trailer away… puts it to crap imo.

Here’s the FFXI Trailer (Wings of the Goddess) if you forgot what it looks like.

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    hahah I do :) Not a big city (aka metrooplis), but can be call a City :)

    London, Ontario (Canada), if you know where it is ^_^

  3. raidenn says:

    Ive been to Toronto only. Worked with some conventions in Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. Nice places.. Too cold for me though :D


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