Azima (NPC) 20 years ago!

Azima, NPC, FFXI

Azima the NPC 20 years ago!

NPC in WotG

Did you know that even NPC have a face-lift 20 years ago?

I was walking around and found that… and since I remember seeing it so.. I went to check it out myself… although the jump from “hot Hume” to “super old lady” is kinda a bit too… exaggered.. seems like it jumped from 20 –> 70 but haha :) just a game xD

I also found these pics on a JP forum.. of Campaign Battles NPC. Have you seen them all yet? :)


A month ago… these were my completed assaults…

  • Leujaoam Cleansing
  • Orichalcum Survey
  • Imperial Agent Rescue
  • Peemptive Strike
  • Sagelord Elimination
  • Breaking MOrale
  • Excavation Duty
  • Lebros Supplies
  • Troll Fugitives
  • Seagull Grounded
  • Requiem
  • Saving Private Istari
  • Golden Salvage
  • Lamia No. 13

14/50 lol…. yea I’m kinda f-kin behind but thanks to my boyfriend, I’m finally making some progress! Um… I wonder if there’s achievement points for getting Captain’s Rank? :) I mean its ‘.’ I guess somewhat achievements too hehe!

2 Responses to “Azima (NPC) 20 years ago!”

  1. Bubian says:

    There are a lot of NPC’s we see in the past and future, Like Rongelouts in Sandy is a military commander (in the past) and is now the trainer in WHitegate for assault ranks (SL)

    It’s kinda cool to see familiar npc’s in past and present. I even think the galka general from whitegate is in the past

  2. Etain says:

    There’s an XBox 360 Achievement for finishing Captain (which reminds me, I need to check and see if I unlocked that one yet!). :D


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