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Tazo’s Mog House ^_^;

Tazo’s Mog House (Design by Mai!) Tazo’s Mog House (Design by Maiev) Impressive? I’ve always like open-concept. It all began with my high-school crush ‘.’ her Condo was… completely open concept :O and ever since then… I like stuff wide-open. So to express that kinda open-ness, I’ve applied it to FFXI’s Mog House! Btw: I’ve […]

Cowboy TaruTaru Dat!

A lost Model A Lost CowboyTaru Model I found a model on JP forum. Isn’t it so freaking pretty? It was so pretty but it only had textures >.> (A FFXI Model = Texture + Skeleton + Weights). But… I LAV the look so much so.. I spent the the last few days learning about […]

Need some Mog House Inspirations?!

Mai’s Mog House ‘~” Pretty Mog House I wish I had one but… I don’t have the choice to get one :( As a crafter (well if I do craft), I got to keep enough energies so that my Goldsmithing Item overwrites everything else. So it doesn’t really give me the option to do other […]

Artistic Ducks!

Aene the Artistic Taru! New Ducks! DuckHUNT kinda entered into a new stage of the LS. We are kinda big now, not extremely big but lets just say, I alone wasn’t enough to handle it :x But among all these new ducks, I actually found out one of our new Ducks Aene.. was actually into […]

Here comes the Bubian…

Ducks’ Divine Might So um… we did Divine Might… pretty sure most people did too. We had a decent setup! Kiters were mostly paired up with healers. As a result, I thought it’d take pretty long since we don’t really have DPS but… it turned out we killed it within 11mins (including CS time) with […]