Artistic Ducks!

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Aene the Artistic Taru!

New Ducks!

DuckHUNT kinda entered into a new stage of the LS. We are kinda big now, not extremely big but lets just say, I alone wasn’t enough to handle it :x But among all these new ducks, I actually found out one of our new Ducks Aene.. was actually into artwork, dat files and all those modding :D Its so cool xD!

She’s pretty talented (I believe its a She ‘~”), I made a thread on “Avatar Shop” and she literally took all my job and request away :D I don’t mind at all since her creativity beats mines ;)

SS on the right is just a miniature version of her artwork :D You can check out the rest of the Avatar she made for others on our forums.

Sadly though :(, I had to restrict our app a bit :x I kinda don’t want the LS big … to the stage where people don’t know each other. I think the community aspect of FFXI is… quite important and I should maintain that xD and it begins with keeping an LS of the right size!

Anyway… back to artistic Ducks! Aene also got a blog :O Its got a cool domain too.. ;) Drop by and say hi if you got a few seconds :) She might pop out with some cool artwork xD

Oh… to all those that think WoW destroyed the FFXI Blogging community, I think its not really that though, but more like.. they aren’t connected :) Here’s two that I came by these days :) Feel free to visit/add them to your reading list via RSS Reader :)

A good community starts with contributing to it :) So drop by and say hi xD!

2 Responses to “Artistic Ducks!”

  1. Pyra says:

    Woot! I’m famous.

    There are not many people who blog about their FF life. I hadn’t heard that WoW destroyed the FF blog community.

    My site was something I set up for my LS, and is a WordPress MU site.

    Small correction though, my name is “Pyra”, not “Prya”.


  2. Maiev says:

    Haha, Jowah always blames me for FFXI bloggin community dying!

    Anyway sorry for the typo :) I had it right on blogroll but ended up typing it wrong in the link xD hehehe


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