Cowboy TaruTaru Dat!

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A lost Model

A Lost CowboyTaru Model

I found a model on JP forum. Isn’t it so freaking pretty? It was so pretty but it only had textures >.> (A FFXI Model = Texture + Skeleton + Weights). But… I LAV the look so much so.. I spent the the last few days learning about constructing/editing skeletons >.> to make that picture come to life in FFXI. Trust me its OMG bloody hell hard >.>

But yea its coming close now, most stuff are in place so a few more fine tuning :D I’ll do a wonderful 3D rendering when its done :) In the meanwhile…

Virtual Reality Studio – Troubleshooting

Found out tons of stuff the hard way… so going to write it here for future reference or for Google to pick it up :3

  • If your VRS is missing the FFXI Import Tool, you need to reset it. Here’s the tutorial. In case the link is broken in the future, basically run regedit, goto HKEY_CURRENT_User\Software, find “CreDes”, and delete the whole directory of registry including all its babies.
  • Now if the VRS still doesn’t show the import tool… its because you’re DirectX is crap. Running DX10 =/= you have all the DX9 components ‘~” At least not the files needed for 3d modeling :3 So you’ll need to download the full DX9 package here (Yes, even if you’re using DX10) and install it.

If it doesn’t work… ur fuked.

Did you know?

I found out that TaruTaru have no knees.. in the 3D world.. but if you look in-game, they really don’t have knees ‘~” I’m starting to find a lot of flaws about Tarus :<

Dats, FFXI

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  1. Sakurakun says:

    we have knees >_<…how else can we do the /kneel command


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