Tazo’s Mog House ^_^;

Tazo's Pretty Mog House, FFXI, Maiev, Fenrir

Tazo’s Mog House (Design by Mai!)

Tazo’s Mog House (Design by Maiev)


I’ve always like open-concept. It all began with my high-school crush ‘.’ her Condo was… completely open concept :O and ever since then… I like stuff wide-open. So to express that kinda open-ness, I’ve applied it to FFXI’s Mog House!

Btw: I’ve also visited Hesasa’s mog house, go have a good laugh :D and remember to send a tell to Hesasa telling her how great her “storage facility” is :) (reminds me of those where you pay 10 bux per month and you just toss junk in there)

Its got a bar, a taru-size table for us small tarus, but I didn’t left out the BIG people! The chairs near the bar ^^. Its got a couch behind me (where the picture was taken), a library since Tazo loves to read books (her RL house is full of books), greens and… of course Totem Pole since we are Canadian :)

Tazo's Pretty Mog House, FFXI, Maiev, Fenrir

The Canadian Beliefs lol…

Its also got a private bedroom ^_^ for good purposes like this (Istari and Maiev naked) (18+ only).

For those that are curious how this is constructed, here’s rough idea of how its constructed. (Referring to the first screenshot)

Basic Furniture Layout Operations.

  • Change View: “5” on Num. Pad
  • Rotate your Furniture: “-” on Num. Pad

The Bar is roughly constructed using “Chests”, 4 on the front and one on the side to make it like a bar-shape :) They are pretty decent for storage space too. Chairs are Aht Urhgan flower stand. There’s a water barrel since its a bar, and also a Cupbuard (its Ex, must be bought in Sandiora Furnature Store).

Bamboo tree and Totem Pole can be bought from the AH, they are Woodworker stuff.

The room is constructed by a 3×5 bed, a drawer + Taru Screen. Take note that not all bed are 3×5, some are 4×5, which makes a drawer impossible to fit in. I suggest using a simple bed. It also doesn’t look that nice when it sticks out.

A few things to take note when you plan your own mog house.

  • Plan your room corners first. Corners are the worst part of a house, and is what makes a house pretty or ugly.
  • Don’t overload your mog house. This is a place where you can construct your dream house, so don’t stack it. You don’t want to live in a stack :D

There’s been a few changes since this screenshot was taken (4 days ago), but regardless its more or less the same. Also ‘.’ Tazo haven’t seen this yet :D I hope she likes it :))

Cost of this Mog House: ~ 440k (I’ll be decorating someone else’ mog house in a bit, so hopefully another mog house inspiration post soon!)

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2 Responses to “Tazo’s Mog House ^_^;”

  1. Cobyn(Fenrir) says:

    I like it, it looks really nice.
    I’m think i should start remodeling my MH since its all the rage (apperently). Love the bar tho.

  2. Maiev says:

    Ohai! Thanks for dropping by :)

    The bar is really cheap… cheaper than I thought :) everything there… less than 100k :) Very nice looking and do-able XD


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