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Goodbye Sky!!

Time to say goodbye. Paesi che non ho mai (to countries I never) veduto e vissuto con te, (saw and shared with you) adesso si li vivr, (now, yes, I shall experience them) Con te partir (I’ll go with you) su navi per mari (on ships across the sea) che, io lo so, (which, I […]

Tazo’s SkyPics Gallery

I think we were supposed to ‘claim’ this golem-like monster…but another LS is fighting it. It wouldn’t be sky, without the RMTarutarus. My brother-tarutaru Balmoral the summenor. Cutaru! The bird, the turtle, the tiger… I can’t find any other pictures! Shunzi and her funny green pants. I have them too, but in paper-curse form.

the Psychology behind MMORPGs

When I first started this game three months ago at the prompting, encouragement, and nagging of Maiev – I really had two purposes. To relax and spend the summer not working not studying (4yrs of a med-sci degree + all summers doing research or working = long deserved break). To find out what the draw […]

Tazo’s banner in more simpler words…

Someone has asked me wtf o.O does my banner mean. So without writing a couple thousand word essay on the topic (which I could if you’re interested XD), this is what I’m trying to say: Women even into the new millenium are seen as the weaker sex. I understand that there have been changes, and […]

[Fan Art] Dark Lilies!

Yeah, I’m excited coz Halloween is my fave holiday and definitely my fave event in ffxi also. Have you read about the upcoming event then? If not, here’s the url for the main ff site: I already told Inore about this event and he knows I won’t take “NO” for an answer… we are […]