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Tazo’s 1st Dynamis!

Is Tazo deep in thought, or really sleepy? ^^ Dynamis Windy Flag: O Thanks to Bub and Mai who encouraged me to try it out. It was an ‘interesting’ experience. I could’ve not died during this run, but at the 10-minutes left mark, I decided to make it a “Die-namis” as everyone called it. I’d […]

Sithlady strikes back!

:D I played a game of DoTA (Warcraft3) with Jeff, Allan, Caleb, and Brain. Sithlady came out of retirement! WC3 was shelfed for the longest time … about three months when I started playing Final Fantasy. How did the name Sithlady come about? I’m a fan of StarWars (duh) but not crazily hardcore. I needed […]

A distant belief, no more!

:) It seems I like blogging when I’m supposed to be doing school work. (Math lesson plans aren’t that fun at the moment) Last night, with a party of 4 ninjas and 2 white mages, we FINALLY beat those wooly mammoths at the Miserable Coast. I tend to like renaming game names so just bare […]

My long lost fwen…Zimph

Ahh yes today have been such a disaster…why u ask? First, I woke up and said to myself, I will level blu all day today. That was around 10am… and while I’m lfg, I will make the Nobles LS family picture.. sounds good? Nope…. it wasn’t…. 2pm and still no party invite >.

Harvest Festival: Nobles style

Here’s the Nobles LS family picture I was working on while lfg… and still i didn’t get any party at all :( From left to right Bottom row: Namow, Ciermel, Inorelin, Kaire, ToooTall, Gotsu, Quin Middle row: Hollister, Lenneth, Him, Xxx Back row: Yob, TooooTail, Ardathon, Aureliusthewise and here is the url for those of […]