Sithlady strikes back!

:D I played a game of DoTA (Warcraft3) with Jeff, Allan, Caleb, and Brain. Sithlady came out of retirement! WC3 was shelfed for the longest time … about three months when I started playing Final Fantasy. How did the name Sithlady come about? I’m a fan of StarWars (duh) but not crazily hardcore. I needed a name that was “tough” sounding when I played Counterstrike full time. MashimaroBunny was my original name, and it wasn’t very intimidating. “MashimaroBunny headshot AznGunit.” I forced my bf to play CS and he created Sithlord, so being un-original I made my screen name Sithlady.

Tazo. Self explanitory. Starbuck’s runs in my blood.

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