My long lost fwen…Zimph

Ahh yes today have been such a disaster…why u ask? First, I woke up and said to myself, I will level blu all day today. That was around 10am… and while I’m lfg, I will make the Nobles LS family picture.. sounds good? Nope…. it wasn’t…. 2pm and still no party invite >.<. Plus I had an argument with a friend of mine too... yes it was messy. 4pm.. omfg still no invite... what is wrong here??? I just wasted 6 hours of in-game time doing absolutely nothing. Then I started doing sam quest on Lenn... was only able to kill the big tree and I ran out of time coz I had SEA farming scheduled. So hastily I went to Tavnazian and headed to the SEA. Took us a couple of hours and we got 2 items... and grats Nanni, you deserve it ^^. After sea, I'm still bummed so my fwen, Trey cheered me up by accompanying me while I do ToAU missions then suddenly my aim pop up! It says "Chuckie is on again!!!" Yep, it's from an old fwen of mine who used to play FFXI and now plays EQ. Then send me another aim, "I want to get Witch hat!" We chatted a bit then on my chat log in-game,his name popped up! We did our waves and hi and hellos and told him I'll meet him in Bastok after I finished my CS. Meeting him in Bastok, he already got his nq hat so I stayed a bit for the hq, giving him directions what to do and who to follow. Plus I gave him 20 ginger cookies ^^.

Bastok with Zimph, Ciermel FFXI Fenrir

After a while, he got the hq hat and asked me what then… I informed him he can get lanterns from the moogles at the tent area. He bought the lanterns and goes “Omg ama put in my mog now!” After that, I also went straight to my moghouse… it’s nearing 12mid so we said our good-byes and how nice to see and talk to each other again. Somehow, no matter how bad my day was, my fwen showing up and doing this quest with me have made me happy at the end of the day at least.

To our lasting friendship, here’s to you Zimph.

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  1. Maiev says:

    OMFG nicca (referring to zimph) kept talking to me on AIM but didn’t tell me he was on

    wow nicca u suck…

    but his looks.. sure improved ‘-‘ from cool taru, to ugly unidentified flying ghost (UFG!)


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