Harvest Festival: Nobles style

Here’s the Nobles LS family picture I was working on while lfg… and still i didn’t get any party at all :(

Group Picture, FFXI Fenrir

From left to right

Bottom row: Namow, Ciermel, Inorelin, Kaire, ToooTall, Gotsu, Quin

Middle row: Hollister, Lenneth, Him, Xxx

Back row: Yob, TooooTail, Ardathon, Aureliusthewise

and here is the url for those of you who wants a bigger copy to use as wallpaper, etc.

4 Responses to “Harvest Festival: Nobles style”

  1. Maiev says:

    wakakaka, but how come i wasn’t invited :

  2. Ciermel says:

    awww maimai im solly, if u get pearl ill add joo! ^^

  3. Toootall says:

    Hey C^^, great job on the LS pic girl!

    Tail and I put it up as wallpaper on the other office pc. Looks great!

    You must have the patience of a saint to fiddle with the graphics. I used to photochop a bit and finally ran out of patience for it. Kudos to you^^!

  4. Ciermel says:

    hey thanks Tall, actuall if there is one thing im patient of, is making cool stuffs with graphics/animation ^^ and yes, im also using this as my wallpaper ^^


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