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dead taru maiev =(

†sooooooooooooooooo…. guess who i let down in salvage {sob sob} =D

And there was Ultima….

And there was Ultima….

Well…this is me sitting at the entrance of Temenos doing nothing on monday night. u know y? cuz i forgot my soap >_< i blame infinyte… mostly because he logged onto FFXI late and i have no one else to blame beside myself =/. worst part is that i’m the only whm in alliance @_@; […]

Sakurakun’s Clothcrafting!

A while back i decided that clothcraft would be my 100 craft. it seems lately that almost everyone have a craft near or close to 100 and i kind of feel left out =(. i guess the other reason for lvling clothcraft is because i really wanted to synthesize my own signed aristocrat’s coat:   […]

The Maintenance

Hereís a 3D group photo that Maiev made for our new website ^_^. Itís not too hard to find me lol. Iím wearing my BST AFv2 attire and my little CC pet is right bellow me ^_^.. ps – apparently a naked taru pops out on the website ever so often …..

Hello from Sakurakun!

Hi guys! This is my first post. Well, i dont know what iíll be writing here so iíll just go with the flow! hopefully most of these blogs will make sense since i do ramble on a lot. But anyway, this blog is gonna be about my tales of a cute tarutaru (*^_^*) on the […]