Sakurakun’s Clothcrafting!

A while back i decided that clothcraft would be my 100 craft. it seems lately that almost everyone have a craft near or close to 100 and i kind of feel left out =(. i guess the other reason for lvling clothcraft is because i really wanted to synthesize my own signed aristocrat’s coat:


it’s a really purdy, and imo the best endgame piece for whms. unfortunately the one i’m wearing isnt signed by me. i guess i gotta work hard to lvl up my clothcraft and someday to craft one of these babys =).


oh btw, I just ding lvl 44 when i was synthesizing stuff for my guildpoints. so that made my day. but crafting is digging deep into my pockets >_<, but i’m pretty sure that i can hit lvl 100 !!

on the side note, i’m proud to say i synthesized another HQ item on my second try (first time for cloak):

and now i have a grand total of:

only 32273 more points to go for my:

btw, they sure do look like granny glasses on me >_<

3 Responses to “Sakurakun’s Clothcrafting!”

  1. Maiev says:

    Sakura looks like a nerd with those glasses… you sure Naruto likes that? lul

  2. Sakurakun says:

    T_T;; maiev

  3. Ciermel says:

    grats on lvl up chachu chan ^^


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