And there was Ultima….

Well…this is me sitting at the entrance of Temenos doing nothing on monday night. u know y? cuz i forgot my soap >_<

i blame infinyte… mostly because he logged onto FFXI late and i have no one else to blame beside myself =/. worst part is that i’m the only whm in alliance @_@; … october isnt my month =(

BIG OUCH…i’m just hearing screams and yells on vent >_< …j/k

i guess i’ll reedit this once DH wins (**cross fingers**).

SS of drops! Apparent those Ultima’s Claws make the following item:

ehhh…but this is where it gets sad. i dont want them at all and i dont plan on lvling smn at all. i got some mix /tells to lot them…idk y. smn probably the last maat job i’ll lvl….

i was thinking of tossing the claws out mostly because:

  1. I didnt fight the ultima to earn the piece (i like to earn all my pieces fairly)
  2. I’m not lvling smn any time soon…

but eh, i decided to give it a fair chance of /random to decide if i keep them or not:

If cc /random +500 i drop them, if cc /random bellow 500 i keep them

so i guess i keep them…

but they’re staying in storage unmade!!!!! >=O!!!

(sorry to make u /random =/…only way to make me feel less guilty)

3 Responses to “And there was Ultima….”

  1. Ciermel says:

    haha chachu, trust me u will use those in the future and u will thanks me :D

  2. didgist says:



  3. Jowah says:

    Why on heart would you drop Nashira hands ? >_>


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