The Maintenance

Here�s a 3D group photo that Maiev made for our new website ^_^. It�s not too hard to find me lol. I�m wearing my BST AFv2 attire and my little CC pet is right bellow me ^_^..

ps – apparently a naked taru pops out on the website ever so often …..

So yah, today was one of those maintenance days for FFXI and of course people go crazy after NMs after the maintenance is over.

i was suppose to help my friend alex w/ the YY robe NM (the name escapes me), but he didnt log on.

First meet Mr. Simurgh, Ashmanaiel manage to get to him before everyone else. apparently he drops some nice boots:

Toddler Boots

the movement speed on these boots look so cool XD!!! Unfortunately the boots didnt drop =( {/cry}


we also heard news that the Roc NM was still unclaimed. and that there were a couple of ppl behind the gates that were still trying to get through. last time we fought this NM we wiped cuz of a lack of dds and stupid arggos due to reset. actually we only have 1 dd (THF) and tons of mages. i guess today was pack back time!!! SUCKER!!

we manage to play the banishing gates really well and manage to get ashmanaiel to claim the nm first =D!!! after that, the NM went down pretty fast. Roc drops this prize worth item:

but like our luck, it didnt drop either. we got some fugly old sword instead =(. imo, i like the apollo�s staff better even though this staff have MP+50, which is really nice to have. but it doesnt compared to the apollo�s staff with all its +2 stats and plus i can use it for my BST and BRD ^_^.


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